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For Optimum Warranty Coverage, Insist on an Authorized VELUX Skylight Contractor

For Optimum Warranty Coverage, Insist on an Authorized VELUX Skylight Contractor - Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights

When it comes to enhancing natural light and ventilation in your home, VELUX skylights are a popular choice for their innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship. However, the success of any skylight installation depends on the product itself and the expertise of the contractor. Here we will present the most popular reasons for choosing an authorized VELUX skylight contractors to ensure a successful installation process.

Warranty Protection

VELUX skylights are backed by a robust warranty that covers manufacturing defects and certain installation aspects. The warranty terms often specify that the installation must be carried out by a certified VELUX professional to ensure that the skylights function as intended and maintain their performance over time.

Expertise in Product Knowledge

Authorized VELUX skylight contractors undergo specialized training to gain in-depth knowledge of VELUX products. This expertise is invaluable during the installation process, as it ensures that the skylights are correctly integrated into the roof structure and that any additional features, such as blinds or controls, are seamlessly incorporated. Contractors with a deep understanding of VELUX products can address potential challenges and guarantee a smooth installation.

Compliance with Installation Guidelines

VELUX provides specific installation guidelines for their skylights to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Authorized contractors are well-versed in these guidelines and adhere to them meticulously during the installation process. This attention to detail enhances the skylights’ efficiency and ensures compliance with VELUX’s requirements, safeguarding the warranty coverage for the homeowner.

Access to the Latest Product Information

VELUX regularly updates and improves its product offerings to meet evolving industry standards and customer needs. Authorized VELUX skylight contractors have access to the latest product information, ensuring that they are aware of any updates, new features, or changes in installation requirements. This ensures that your skylights are installed using the most current methods, maximizing their performance and longevity.

Quality Assurance

VELUX provides certification to contractors who meet specific criteria, including training, experience, and adherence to quality standards. Choosing an authorized VELUX skylight contractor means opting for a professional who has undergone rigorous certification processes. This certification serves as a guarantee of quality workmanship, assuring homeowners that their skylights are installed to the highest standards.

Seamless Integration

Proper integration of skylights with the roofing system is crucial for preventing leaks, ensuring energy efficiency, and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Authorized VELUX skylight contractors possess the skills and knowledge needed to seamlessly integrate skylights with various roofing materials. This integration is vital for preventing water infiltration and preserving the overall performance of your skylights.

Peace of Mind for Homeowners

Choosing an authorized VELUX skylight contractor provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected by a reputable warranty and installed by a certified professional. The confidence that comes with hiring an authorized contractor extends beyond the installation process, assuring that the skylights will perform optimally.

With the combination of product knowledge, certification, and adherence to installation guidelines, these contractors play a pivotal role in ensuring that your VELUX skylights enhance the beauty of your home and operate at their peak efficiency for years to come.

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The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home

The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

When you consider the options to increase the value of your home, you probably think about areas of your property that are located around you. For example, adding a flower bed at the front of your home represents an effective way to enhance curb appeal which we know directly impacts the value of your house. However, one of the most effective ways to boost the value of your home lies above you. We are talking about the roof of your house and the opportunity to have skylights installed by a highly-rated team of skylight contractors.

Residential skylights deliver several benefits for homeowners starting with introducing more light into your house. An increase in natural light improves the ambiance of your home, as well as the mood of everyone that lives in it. An increase in the amount of natural light also generates more warmth inside your home, which is an especially valuable attribute for homeowners who live in colder climates granted they install the right residential skylights that possess the insulation to trap heat. Residential skylights also reduce the need for windows, which gives you and your family much more privacy.

Although installing skylights delivers several benefits for homeowners, to maximize the many benefits you have to know the best locations for skylights in your home. We present a short list of the best spots to install skylights.


Your kitchen is the room inside your home that benefits the most from installing residential skylights. Additional light from a natural source strengthens the functionality of the kitchen by providing much more illumination to perform food preparation tasks such as peeling vegetables and slicing through raw meats. With the installation of one or more skylights in the kitchen, you can eliminate one or more windows to bolster the privacy enjoyed by you and your family. With fewer windows needed to welcome in the sun, you gain much more wall space to store items such as spices and cooking accessories.

If you opt for installing a couple of venting skylights, you can remove the scent of last night’s meal by increasing the amount of circulated natural air inside your house.

Dining Room

A team of experienced home remodeling contractors can install residential skylights to enhance the ambiance of the most social room inside your house, which is the place where you, your guests, and your family congregate to share meals. The dining room is the ideal room to increase the amount of natural light due to its relatively large size and the importance of maintaining an upbeat mood. Installing skylights also can help you illuminate attractive accessories such as paintings and sculptures. Increasing the flow of natural light in a high-traffic room like the dining room also generates more heat to ensure the comfort of everyone breaking bread together.

Living Room

Where do guests and family members go after spending time in the kitchen and dining room? The answer is the living room, which often represents the largest room inside of a house. Installing skylights improves the energy efficiency of a room that does the worst job of trapping heat because of its large size. If you install venting skylights, you can open up your home to more air circulation to increase the comfort of everyone relaxing on a chair or couch. More natural light accentuates the appearance of the décor of this high-traffic room, as well as allows you to remove one or more windows to ensure the utmost privacy for your family. Fewer windows open up more space in the largest room in your house.

Residential skylights installed in the living room also reduce moisture to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

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Benefits of Having a Skylight in Your Office

Benefits of Having a Skylight in Your Office - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

Are you looking for a way to enhance the ambiance of your office? One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your office does not require a substantial investment. Installing one or more commercial skylights delivers several benefits that include a boost in the appearance of your professional home.

With a commercial skylight, you increase the amount of natural light that enters your office, and the addition of more natural light is a good thing for boosting morale. When your company discusses ways to increase the employee retention rate by boosting morale, you probably discuss issues such as an increase in bonuses and getting the team together once a week to participate in a recreational activity.

Adding one or more skylights can be the remedy you have looked for when it comes to boosting employee morale. Let’s review the benefits that installing a commercial skylight brings to the office.

Reduced Utility Expenses

Installing commercial skylights such as Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights can decrease energy costs by between 50 percent and 80 percent, depending on the amount of office space and the type of skylight that you install. With more sunlight entering the office, a skylight acts as an effective source of heat during the winter months. You can set the office thermostats to a lower temperature to counterbalance the increase in solar-generated heat.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Natural light refines the color of office space, as well as increases the perception of space. Sunlight does a great job of visually highlighting architectural components, especially older pieces that can look tired when placed in a darker area of the office. Enhanced aesthetic appeal does more than impress visitors to your office; it also has a significant positive impact on the mood of your co-workers.

Improved Ventilation

Offices not only can present a drab and dreary appearance, but they also frequently deteriorate in air quality. The same air gets circulated every day to create stale air that has a negative impact on work performance. Installing one or more commercial skylights allows you to improve the air circulation of the office during the times of the year when the temperatures are warm enough to crack the skylights open a bit.

Boost in Productivity

What does an improvement in morale do for your company? One positive effect is a boost in worker productivity. Adding one or more commercial skylights brightens the office to create a less stressful work environment. A less stressful work environment leads to an improvement in morale, which motivates your co-workers to work harder and improve performance.


With much of the sustainability movement focused on other solutions, adding a skylight in the office shows your company is committed to going green. Accessing more sunlight allows your company to use less energy, which means there is more of it available for consumption. Skylights do not require energy production that harms the environment. Installing commercial skylights reduces unhealthy emissions, while meeting the demand for electrical light consumption.

Enjoy More Privacy

Although the privacy benefit of installing a skylight often is associated with residential structures, companies benefit as long as they install skylights on the roof. Close the blinds to street-level windows and you get to enjoy a natural light source, without anyone looking in to see what you and your co-workers are doing.

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Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Clever Upgrades That will Impress Guests

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Clever Upgrades That will Impress Guests - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

Your kitchen renovation is the sum of parts big and small, but when most homeowners think of their plans, their focus is fully on the big picture. Home remodeling contractors aren’t only in charge of installing new countertops, appliances, and VELUX skylights. They also assist with the finer details of remodeling, like the upgrades below.

Pot Rack

Do you or another family member spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food or cooking? A pot rack can free up cabinet space for kitchen tools and cooking ingredients, and add to the kitchen’s design. Your remodeler can install a hanging pot rack above your island counter, or on the wall above a wall-adjacent counter. Some pot racks are attached to shelves that can hold plants, spices, decor, or whatever else you need to give your kitchen a personal touch.

Pull Down Faucet

Have your remodeler install a sink faucet with a pull-down nozzle for convenient cleaning. These nozzles are more convenient than swivel heads and can free up a hand for washing dishes and the sink itself. You’ll be able to pull the nozzle out for up-close and angled washing. Many pull-down nozzles come with two stream settings you can toggle between for your convenience and preference: stream and spray.

Butcher Block Island Counter

Instead of installing an island counter with built-in cabinets, you could give the impression of more space without sacrificing storage room with a butcher block island counter. They can be designed in various ways, but typically have open-air storage cubbies or shelves. This helps make your small home feel less stuffy and more spacious. You could have closed-door drawers on two opposite sides, with open shelves lined up in the middle. You could have one shelf at the bottom and pull-out drawers underneath the surface. Ask your home remodeler for advice regarding the best countertop designs to choose from.

Spinning Spice Rack

Are you part of a spice-heavy family? Create an organization area for your spices by installing a spinning spice rack in a corner cabinet. The cabinet doors can be handleless so when pushed in, the carousel rotates to expose the shelves. You could purchase a spice rack from a department store, but built-in spice racks are sturdy and customized to accommodate your kitchen design.

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Why Natural Daylight is Vital to Improving Your Health

Why Natural Daylight is Vital to Improving Your Health - skylight contractors - Mares Dow

If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, a quick way to boost your energy is by opening your curtains or blinds. Sunlight is a natural energy and mood supplement because it increases your body’s production of serotonin. This is why some homeowners have skylight contractors install Velux skylights in their bedroom—or directly above their bed.

Natural light has many benefits, from regulating your body clock to counteracting depressive symptoms.

Natural light regulate your body clocks

Your body clock uses light to know when to wake and sleep. That’s why sleep experts recommend you stop looking at your phone, laptop, and TV about an hour before bedtime. The blue-light of these devices decreases your body’s production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you feel sleepy. Bright artificial lights can also affect your melatonin production. 

In addition to reducing your device use before sleep, you could increase your exposure to natural light. Before the world turned toward digital spaces and artificial light, people used the sun’s position to guide their day. When the sun set it was time to go home and prepare for sleep. Nowadays people have the convenience of flipping a switch and staying awake as long as we like, but at the detriment of personal health.

To counteract sleep delay, try having natural light within reach. Wide open windows or well-placed skylights can help your body wake in the morning and sleep at night. It’ll also help your kids feel sleepier quicker so you can get to bed sooner.

Natural light reduces strains and headaches

Optimal levels of daylight can reduce eyestrain. That means less inflammation of the eyelids, less blurring vision, and fewer headaches. It’s important to control the light with window treatments, blinds, or shades to prevent overwhelming brightness. Another benefit of optimal daylight is it doesn’t flicker like artificial lighting, which can trigger migraines or photoepilepsy.

Natural light counteracts Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD is a season-based depression that affects about 5% of adults in the United States. During seasons of low daylight, people with SAD experience depressed moods, lessened interest in activities they usually enjoy, changes in appetite and sleep, and other depressive symptoms. One of the treatments used for SAD is light therapy, which involves sitting or working near a light box.

Another way to treat SAD is by spending time outdoors and taking the light available. This is beneficial even for people who don’t have SAD, as sunlight can boost your mood and increase your energy. Regardless if you have depression, spending more of your indoor time near windows or under skylights will improve your mood. 

Natural light can easily be increased

You can immediately increase your natural light intake by drawing open your curtains, blinds, and working next to a window. But for a significant and permanent increase, you can install skylights that allow natural light to fill your home from above.

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