The Best Places to Install Skylights in Your Home

The Best Places to Install Skylights in Your Home - skylight contractor - Mares Dow

Skylights can transform your home by simply increasing the sunlight you receive. It doesn’t require the effort of major home renovations, but the result can feel that way by making your home appear more expansive, bright, and airy. Skylight contractors agree that the best places to install skylights include common areas and rooms that rely on electric lighting, such as:

The Family Room

The family room is one of the most occupied places in your home. It should be one of the most inviting areas in your home for family and visitors alike, and increasing the natural light it receives is a great way to make it more homey. If it’s in a dark spot of your home or faces away from the sun so your windows don’t get much sunlight, you could install a skylight to allow light from above. 

Skylight contractors know how to angle skylights for the best lighting, and they’ll make sure your family room gets the most natural light it can. And if your family room is underneath a second floor, you could work with skylight contractors who are also home remodeling contractors. They can add skylights to a home remodeling project and expand your family room.

The Kitchen

Another heavily occupied room is the kitchen. Many house layouts blend the kitchen into a dining area, family room, or both. This makes it a perfect spot to incorporate skylights. The natural light will flow through an open floor plan and brighten what could be the majority of your home.

Additionally, a brighter kitchen is great for waking up the family in the morning. Natural light tells your body when it’s time to wake and sleep, so having breakfast in a brightening kitchen will gradually wake up you and yours. At night, the skylight will frame the dark sky and perhaps capture the moon. It’ll be beautiful to look up toward during evening gatherings, or right before bedtime.

The Bathroom

Many bathrooms are small and cramped with small windows for privacy. Even master bathrooms can be cramped. That doesn’t mean you have to rely on electric lights for lighting during the day and night. You can install a skylight to significantly brighten your bathroom and make it feel more spacious. And if your bathroom currently has poor ventilation, you can install a venting skylight to allow moisture to escape.

The Hallway

A common issue with residential hallways is a lack of natural sunlight. The walls are mostly adjacent to bedrooms and bathrooms, with the only direct light coming from open doors and the end of hall windows. Hallways directly beneath another floor need electric lighting, but hallways on the final floor can benefit from skylights for daytime lighting.

Hallway skylights can completely transform your home by allowing sunlight to fill formerly dark corners, making your home appear lengthened and more spacious. The extra light will also spill beyond the hallway into common areas, including the family room and kitchen.

Discover how skylights can enhance your home

Regardless of your home’s size, large or small, skylight contractors can find the perfect skylights for you. 

Contact your local skylight contractor Mares & Dow Construction and Skylights today for a skylight installation or replacement quote. We have over 40 years of experience working with long-lasting residential skylights.

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