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Home renovation that bring together the old and new

Today’s homeowners are appreciating their existing homes more, and when remodeling or renovating, are looking to retain the original home’s style when working with home remodeling contractors. This direction merges old and new styles in an elegant finished product. Instead of simply renovating a home for an investment, people are now staying in their homes longer, building up their community, and seeking to create a family space that fits their needs now and in the future. This takes careful planning and can also create long term value for your home if you should ever choose to move. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights brings our 40 years of experience as home remodeling contractors working with houses of different periods and styles to help you create beautiful, long lasting, and energy efficient home renovation.


We help develop your dreams into reality

The way we use our home necessarily changes over time. An expanding family may require a new extension for a bedroom or a basement remodel. Whatever your needs, we work with you to bring your ideas together into a home renovation plan that fits your budget. For example, if you need additional space for an office or playroom, you may be able to integrate a dining area into your kitchen and repurpose your dining room into that new functional space. Our experience with new and old homes of every style has allowed us to develop an understanding of what styles and products work well for all types of remodeling projects.

As home remodeling contractors we believe that this process should be fun and rewarding. It begins by creating your dream list and working together to find the cost-effective strategy that results in a safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, long-lasting space.


Experienced home improvement contractors

We have extensive experience as home improvement contractors on all types of home renovation. We can help you with projects including:

  • Home renovation additions:If you need additional space we can create it. From home additions that add a new living space, to adding single floor extensions or building a second story, to small bumps that allow a particular space to convert to its new role, we are here to manage your project.
  • Foundations and retaining walls:We can help identify foundation damage that can result from cracks, settlement or shifts in the underlying soil before it becomes severe. We’ll provide you with options that can create a long term solution, whether it is fixing the foundation or addressing issues with the surrounding soil like adding new drains.
  • Exterior improvements:Exterior construction can fulfill many needs of a renovation. This includes improving access by building new stairways to a garage or attic or adding a new side or rear entrance. You can also add new storage areas, replace siding, stucco or masonry as well as installing or replacing new windows and doors.
  • Skylight installation:A 5-Star skylight installer is an exclusive group of insured contractors handpicked by Velux based upon quality, thoroughness and commitment to provide the best job possible. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights is Velux’s premier skylight specialist in the East Bay and San Francisco.
  • Kitchen bathroom remodeling:This can include replacing the flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile, marble, granite, appliances, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, electrical, lighting and all decorative finishes and moldings of any type.

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