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The finishing phase of building or remodeling a house usually begins with completing the exterior carpentry. Whether simple or complex the exterior trim carpentry must function to cover all building seams and keep the water out and reduce air infiltration. Exterior carpentry usually begins with window installation. Then progresses to a water resistive barrier usually building paper or a plastic house wrap. Then the carpentry moves to flashings and sealants. The exterior carpentry on a house then goes to installing a type of siding or stucco. Exterior trim can be installed in many different ways, depending on design and most of all, the type of siding. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights will always provide solid-wood exterior trim material that is rot resistant, such as redwood, cedar, hard pine or manufactured materials pre-finished and ready to install such as laminated veneer lumber, fiberboard or fiber-cement trim. Usually the exterior carpentry finishes up with exterior doors and trim installation and the eaves trim. Eaves trim is often complex and should always be treated with special care. This carpentry includes installation of the fascia, soffit and frieze board and eave vents. After the carpentry on the eaves, gutter installation and roof are sealed tight and look fluid and appealing then the exterior carpentry is complete.

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Carpentry Services Walnut
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