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Basement Waterproofing has become a major problem in the San Francisco Bay Area due to the change in our weather, mainly lack of rainfall. The soil in so many areas has shrunk and when we do get any significant rain the underground channels for water to flow have changed so drastically that the water is going in directions it never did 5 years ago. Now! With the real-estate boom and growing value of square footage in the home. Homeowners desires to convert basement areas to needed storage areas, garages and living areas has grown immensely. Homeowners that own a home or are buying a home and are fortunate to have an existing basement or a basement with the potential to remodel and waterproof, ” there is no better time then now”. Waterproofing is where this process starts. Waterproofing refers to techniques used to prevent water from entering the basement of a house. Effective below ground waterproofing will include both drainage and sealers. Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or below ground. The most common methods used by Mares & Dow Construction for waterproofing is; interior wall and floor sealers; interior water drainage; exterior drainage combined with waterproofing coatings; Sump Pumps.

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