Retaining Wall Contractors in San Francisco Bay Area

Retaining Wall Contractors

Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights has extensive experience as retaining wall contractors in the Bay Area.

Retaining walls can be constructed with redwood or pressure treated wood. Wood retaining walls usually have the look of a friendly fence. Landscape designers often prefer that natural look over block or concrete walls with a lot of plants. Wood walls can contribute to your curb appeal.

Retaining walls with interlocking block also called segmented retaining walls can be constructed with many interlocking-block systems available today like Keystone, Pavestone, Basalite, Calstone, Rockwood, Tensar, Versa lok. These type of walls can be constructed to taper, turn, wrap and curve. These walls come in many different textures, shapes and colors and all have their own technique to installing and backfilling. Cinder block is a less expensive type of block and can be reinforced with steel and concrete. But cinder block requires being faced with stucco, brick, stone or plantings to look attractive.

Last but not least is concrete walls. Concrete walls that are well designed and properly drained and backfilled will rarely fail. Bare concrete isn’t particularly attractive, but it can be veneered with masonry. No matter the type of wall, unless the wall is designed to retain water, it is important to always have proper drainage behind the wall in order to limit the pressure to the wall’s design value.

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