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Retaining Wall Danville CA - Expert Construction Services

If you’ve got land that’s on a gradient, a retaining wall could be a great way of getting the flat ground you need for anything from a driveway for your vehicle to an attractive terrace, patio, deck or site for a shed or other exterior feature. We are an experienced company that provides retaining wall construction for both residential and commercial properties in Danville, CA. If you want a robust, attractive wall, we can help.

Wide Range of Retaining Wall Design Options

Retaining walls don’t have to be boring! Although retaining walls have a serious job to do, they don’t have to be dull and utilitarian. We offer a range of exciting choices for your wall; why not add some curves or opt for an attractive wood retaining wall? Not only can we realize the ideas you’ve got for a wall design, we can also suggest plenty of our own, providing appealing, innovative solutions that are customized to meet your specific requirements.

We Provide Retaining Wall Repair Services

Nothing lasts forever, including retaining walls. You should inspect your retaining wall regularly for signs of wear, including cracks, chips, and the presence of tree roots or an uneven surface. Even if a wall is well-made, rapid changes in temperature or heavy rainfall can speed up wear. After assessing the problem, our team will come up with a suitable repair, leaving your wall in sound condition.

Concrete Walls and Retaining Walls from a Danville, CA Contractor

As a retaining wall expert, Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights offers a competitively priced, professional service. We can create beautiful retaining walls from concrete, timber or block systems such as Rockwood, Pavestone or Versa Lok. To find out more about our retaining walls or request a FREE estimate, call us at (925) 671-9500.