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Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights offers a full range of new construction options and retaining wall repair services, providing customized, high-quality solutions to your exterior landscaping features. We are capable of building retaining walls of all shapes and sizes; advanced, hi-tech block wall systems allow us to create a retaining wall design that includes curves and tapers, giving you plenty of options for a feature that’s exactly what you envision.

We Can Shore Up an Existing Retaining Wall

No matter how robustly a retaining wall is built, over time it’s almost inevitable that deterioration will occur. Subject to a significant amount of pressure, the walls are also vulnerable to the effects of weathering. We can repair concrete walls or wood retaining walls, as well as successfully mend cinder-block or block system features. If you suspect that your retaining wall could do with some work, give us a call and we can get the job done.

Retaining Wall Construction that’s Safe and Dependable

When it comes to retaining wall design, our experienced team puts safety and durability at the heart of what we create. Because of the demanding job which retaining walls perform, it’s vital that they have the correct foundations and are made with care to minimize the risk of problems in the future. Over the years, we have built many walls in and around Berkeley which continue to give excellent performance and are made to last.

Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights – Meeting Your Retaining Wall Needs in Berkeley, CA

If you want a retaining wall expert for your next project, we’re here for you. We are a well-established construction firm that has the skills and equipment to complete your retaining wall project to a high standard. Competitively priced without compromising on quality, we are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with what we do. For further information or to book your FREE estimate, call us at (415) 447-6136.