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Owning a piece of sloping land can present all sorts of challenges. From land slippage through to difficulty in utilizing it for anything useful, coping with a gradient can be problematic. For many people, the answer lies in using a retaining wall. The wall holds back banked soil and rock, creating a flat area in the exterior landscape. The flat land can then be used for driveways, a patio, terrace or a similar function.

Retaining Wall Expert at Your Service

We have completed a range of retaining wall projects in and around Lafayette, using our skilled, highly professional team to design and construct walls in all sorts of locations. Our company provides a customized solution, building unique walls to your exact requirements. We use high-quality block systems such as Rockwood and Basalite to create retaining walls that curve, taper or bend, as well as offer well-made concrete walls and wood retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Construction that’s Built to Last

We put care into our retaining wall design, ensuring that each one not only looks appealing, but is also built to be safe and secure, as well as include the drainage features which are necessary for the wall to function effectively. As well as building new walls, we also offer a retaining wall repair service, mending walls which may have become cracked, uneven or otherwise flawed over the years. If you do notice a fault, contact us promptly, as a small problem can grow rapidly if it’s not tackled early on.

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We are a general contractor who completes a variety of refurbishment and new-build projects in homes and light commercial premises (such as restaurants) in the local area. Our inventive, proactive team is able to successfully complete complex jobs, designing unique landscaping features that give you the results you want. For further information or to schedule your FREE estimate, call us at (925) 671-9500.