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Commercial Solar Tubes – Sun Tubes

What makes the VELUX SunCurve better?

Morning light

Captures rising, low-angle sunlight and curves it down the tunnel.

Mid-day light

Manages the intense, direct mid-day sun so that the space below is bright and comfortable without glare.

Afternoon light

Captures setting, low-angle sunlight and curves it down the tunnel.




Curb mount flashing model with SunCurve available at the 22″ size


Self flashed model with SunCurve available at the 22″ size


Pitched, self flashed model

Flexi Loc™ quick
assembly system

Flexi Loc—the only advanced tunnel connection system that cuts tunnel installation time in half—is designed to piece your elbows, tunnel sections, and other rigid tunnel components together quicker than conventional screws.

Highly reflective
silver tunnel

All VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights feature a highly reflective silver layer that is electrostatically applied.

  • Creates an ultra smooth highly, reflective surface 
  • Greater than 98% total reflectivity (99.9% on silver layer)
  • 20-year rigid tunnel reflective warranty

Where to install VELUX Commercial SUN TUNNELS

VELUX Commercial SUN TUNNEL™ skylights are designed for flat or low slope commercial roofing applications that are above spaces that will benefit from daylight, thereby reducing energy loads and improving occupant’s performance and comfort.

Ideal applications for commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights include schools, retail spaces, and warehouses that require a cost-effective daylight solution. The round, highly reflective light shaft requires less assembly time compared to previous commercial SUN TUNNEL skylights.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights provide a cost-effective method for transferring daylight through the roof. Cost savings can be achieved with open ceiling applications.

SUN TUNNEL Skylight Accessories


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