Siding Installation & Repair Services Alamo CA

Siding Installation & Repair Services

The part of exterior that covers the vertical surface areas of a house is basically called Siding. This of course does not include areas of stucco and masonry finishes. This is the area that Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights and architects design and install intensely to come up with the desired look for the homeowner. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights provides good craftsmanship that is vital to ensure the exterior is weatherproof and beautiful looking. Siding is most commonly manufactured from lumber, plywood and cement and the three most common types of siding are: wood shingles, wood clapboards and fiber-cement. Lap siding is made form many different materials and surface textures. Wood shingle and shake siding comes in many shapes and sizes. Each city or county has it’s specifications to the type of shingles that meets their fire safety requirements. Siding can be installed horizontally, vertical, or in other angles to make designs if desired.

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