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Whether you are looking for the latest designs or old world charm to your driveway, pavers offer a variety of paver stones. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights can help you create an eye catching, quality, beautiful and functional driveway.  Paver stones are offered in many types such as brick pavers, concrete pavers and more. Paver stones come in a vast variety of colors, shapes and sizes to create a traditional or unique look. Paving stones have become very popular and are really the way of the future for all driveways. Pavers have become the easiest and best looking way to replace a cracked concrete or worn asphalt driveway. Paving stones have proven to be not only much more attractive then concrete or asphalt, but also stronger. Pavers can be removed and installed at anytime without a trace of replacement. Pavers are earthquake resistant. Example: When concrete cracks, or needs to be removed for underground water piping or sewer repairs or many reasons. The concrete must be saw cut and jack hammered out and the replacement will be discolored or different. Concrete has been tested to withstand about 2000 lbs. Where interlocking pavers have been tested to withstand about 7500 lbs. The 4 most common and most popular paving patterns are the Running Bond Pattern, which is the most common pattern used today. This pattern is laid side by side and creates illusions with it’s linear lines. Meaning it can make a driveway look longer or even wider then it is. Running board is the most cost effective because it has the least amount of waste then other pattern installations. The Basket Weave Pattern is a well known old English pattern that will bring a vintage or historic look to your area. This pattern is laid with the pavers alternating between vertical and horizontal pairs. The pavers laid this way in pairs is very eye catching with its rows and columns. And this pattern always enables one to mix colors and get real creative if desired. It is very common to lay a driveway with this pattern. The Herringbone Pattern is laid going alternate directions creating a “V’ shape. This pattern is usually laid at 45 to 90 degrees and can be mixed with other pavers in between or as a border to create a very nice detail. This pattern is known to have a strong visual effect which adds a nice character to a driveway. The Circular Pattern is often used in large driveways because it breaks up large spaces by adding an interesting look that complements other elements in the area. When laying the pavers in a circular formation, it seems to look at its best when laid with other patterns such as the running board, basket weave or herringbone. And often half circle or quarter circles patterns are used. See more at or or


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