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What Is the Suggested Care and Maintenance of Commercial Skylights?

What Is the Suggested Care and Maintenance of Commercial Skylights - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

It is amazing what natural sunlight can do for an office.

Installing commercial skylights represents the most effective way to boost natural light, while reducing the use of artificial light. Artificial lighting sources can consume 40 percent of the total energy used to keep a building operating at full capacity. Installing skylights has the potential to decrease energy costs by up to 80 percent. Commercial skylights also enhance the ambiance of a workplace, which in turn boosts employee morale and productivity. Adding skylights also places less stress on the environment.

Your company made a significant investment to enjoy the many benefits associated with installing commercial skylights. Now, you have to take steps to preserve the performance of your new office addition by following a few suggested care and maintenance tips.

Follow a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Installed at the top or side of a building, skylights face several sources of dust, dirt, and grime. Pollen collects on skylights, as does the ammunition used by birds to mark their presence in the world. Following a regular schedule for cleaning skylights should be a priority, but you must follow a system that protects the integrity of your office improvement investment.

Use a soft, clean sponge or a non-metal squeegee to clean the surface of the skylights. Stay away from abrasive cleaners, as they can cause irreparable damage to glass surfaces. Instead, you should be able to get your commercial skylights clean by using clean, warm water. For more difficult stains to remove, use a non-abrasive household cleaner.

Eliminate Condensation

Depending on the type of commercial skylight, prolonged exposure to condensation can cause rust and corrosion to develop. If not addressed promptly, condensation can compromise the structural strength of a skylight. Unlike cleaning, which follows a regular schedule, you should take care of condensation issues on days when the humidity rises to an uncomfortable level. Keeping the office temperature at no more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit is another way to inhibit the development of condensation on your commercial skylights.

Frozen Precipitation

Ice dams can become a destructive problem for a roof and the same principle also can negatively impact the lifespan of commercial skylights. You must be proactive whenever frozen precipitation builds on the roof. Although a high-quality commercial skylight brand such as VELUX creates products that do a good job of withstanding the damage caused by frozen precipitation, you should be proactive and remove snow and ice from the roof immediately after it collects.


As with a regular cleaning schedule, you also should follow a regular maintenance schedule for your commercial skylights. Inspect the condition of the skylights every time the maintenance team inspects the condition of the roof. Hiring an experienced contractor to inspect your skylights ensures you receive a comprehensive inspection that includes examining the condition of the flashing to prevent buckling. After a severe weather event, hiring a contractor to conduct a thorough inspection of the skylights can detect any cracks or breaks that might develop into a serious problem down the road.

The Bottom Line

Installing commercial skylights represents one of the most substantial investments your company makes in improving the mood of the office. However, it is a worthwhile investment if your company takes the time to clean and perform maintenance on a regular basis.

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4 Great Ways That Retaining Wall Contractors Can Create More Usable Space

4 Great Ways That Retaining Wall Contractors Can Create More Usable Space - retaining wall contractors - Mares & Dow

Enhancing the appearance of the landscaping on your property improves the curb appeal of your home, which in turn can substantially increase the value of your property. You have many options for completing visually appealing landscaping projects, but one project stands out as a highly effective way to get your property to increase in value.

We are talking about hiring an experienced and highly-rated team of retaining wall contractors to create hardscape platforms that create more usable space on your property.

Overview of Retaining Walls

As a landscape feature consisting of a combination of bricks, large rocks, and/or concrete blocks, a retaining wall contains soil in a designated area of your property to prevent erosion. Although retaining walls serve mostly functional purposes, creating one or more on your property also can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. Considered one of the more affordable types of home improvement projects, creating a retaining wall can help you create more usable space.

One of the reasons why some spaces on a property are not usable concerns soil erosion, especially for parcels of land that slope downward toward your home. A retaining wall contains soil to prevent erosion, which opens up more space in four different ways.


You can create a considerable amount of usable space with retaining walls by creating terraces. A series of strategically installed retaining walls present a visually appealing textured effect, as well as provide you with more landscaping space to work with for other home remodeling projects.

Terraces do a great job of highlighting outdoor features, such as a deck and garden.


Developing a flower garden is one of the most popular home improvement projects. However, developing a beautiful flower garden can be difficult to do if your yard experiences erosion because of the sloping contour of at least a part of your front or backyard. Installing a retaining wall that provides the boundary for a garden prevents the soil from eroding in the garden. What was once an unusable space on your property can increase the value of your house.

Outdoor Living Space

Entertaining friends and family members is one of the ways to benefit from a spacious backyard. Nonetheless, creating an outdoor living space such as a patio might be difficult to do if your property slopes enough to cause considerable flooding and soil erosion. Adding a retaining wall that surrounds a large space allows you to create an outdoor living space. You can locate your outdoor living space in the middle of your backyard covered by a stylish pergola or build it next to the back door for easy access to the kitchen.


A walkway serves two purposes: Functionality and aesthetic appeal. You cannot reap the benefits delivered by either purpose if the soil where you want to build a walkway erodes or the area constantly floods even after light rain has fallen. Installing a retaining wall on both sides of a walkway serves the functional purpose to prevent flooding and the aesthetic appeal purpose of allowing you to add lights and other attractive features.

Retaining walls enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of a property, which is apparent in the four great ways that retaining wall contractors can create more usable space.

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5 Professional Traits to Look For in Home Remodeling Contractors

5 Professional Traits to Look For in Home Remodeling Contractors - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

You have put a considerable amount of time into planning a home remodeling project. Now, the time has come to hire one of the best home remodeling contractors in the neighborhood where you live.

Remodeling a home requires a substantial financial investment, as well as an emotional investment that can be nerve-wracking unless you hire a reputable general contractor to oversee the entire project. A general contractor that has compiled an impressive number of positive online reviews is a good place to start when pruning your shortlist of candidates to manage your home remodeling project. The general contractor that you hire also should understand how to retain the charm of your home.

However, online reviews by themselves are not enough information for you to make the right decision regarding the hiring of a home remodeling contractor. You should consider five additional factors starting with a general contractor’s level of experience.


You can expect to hear the phrase “experience matters” when it comes to hiring one of the best home remodeling contractors operating in the Bay Area. However, it is not just the number of years that defines experience. A general contractor might have amassed 25 years of experience, but the experience consists of an inconsistent record of completing quality projects.

Experience matters when it involves a home remodeling contractor that has compiled a record of success completing projects similar to the one you have planned. For example, if your project is about remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, you should consider one of the highly-rated home remodeling contractors that have experience completing the same type of project.

Professional Credentials

When you review the names of general contractors, you should see one or more abbreviations following each contractor’s name. The abbreviations represent the professional certifications awarded by national trade organizations. Professional certifications indicate a residential general contractor follows the code of ethics established by the organizations awarding credentials. Examples of professional credentials include Building Industry Association (BIA) and Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR).

Cost Versus Quality

Basing a hiring decision for a home remodeling contractor solely on cost often leads to the completion of a home remodeling project that displays shoddy workmanship. A low bid for a home remodeling project might mean a company uses inferior quality materials and/or has employed inexperienced trade professionals.

Although you do not want to exceed your budget, it is an equally unwise financial practice to base the choice for a home remodeling contractor on cost alone.

Complies with Regulations

The regulatory shortcuts a general contractor takes can lead to the shutting down of your home remodeling project. Instead of saving time by cutting corners, your project can either stall or end before all the work is completed. Every general contractor on your shortlist of candidates must possess the proper insurance certificates, including workers’ compensation and property damage coverage. Make sure the certificates are current, as well as meet the legal standards established by California law.

Understand the Project Management Process

Communication breakdowns represent the number one reason why home remodeling projects turn out bad for all parties involved. A reputable home remodeling contractor should work closely with you, which includes explaining in detail the project management process. You should come to an understanding of how to communicate, as well as how often to communicate. There also should be a clear plan to address unexpected project delays.

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5 Reasons That Leading Skylight Contractors Prefer the Velux Skylight Brand

5 Reasons That Leading Skylight Contractors Prefer the Velux Skylight Brand - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

You have made the decision to brighten your home by installing skylights. The warmth of the sun is just one advantage of installing skylights in a residential structure. As experienced skylight contractors, we recommend not just any brand of skylights for installation in a home. Along with the leading skylight contractors in the Bay Area, Mares & Dow prefers the Velux skylight brand for 5 important reasons.

An Overview of Velux Skylights

The story of Velux begins in 1941 across the Atlantic Ocean in Denmark, when Villum Kahn designed the first windows that fit perfectly into a roof without the need to add a dormer. Contractors and consumers did not embrace the concept of skylights until around 50 years later. Starting in the 1990s, Velux started to convince homeowners and contractors about the practical benefits delivered by skylights. Over the past decade, Velux residential skylights have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for the brand’s skylights, and for five compelling reasons.

5 Reasons Why Contractors Prefer Velux Skylights

There is no other addition to a home that transforms a space like a skylight. Allowing more light and fresh air to enter a residential space boosts the ambiance of the space, as well as enhances the visual appeal of your home. Skylights do a great job of trapping heat in winter and the cool air generated by an HVAC system during the warmer months of the year. Strategically positioned skylights can shine natural light on plants and other forms of indoor vegetation that thrive under the sun’s illumination.

Velux skylights provide many of the same benefits delivered by other skylight brands. The difference lies in five additional factors that benefit both contractors and homeowners.

For Contractors: Increase in Profits

General contractors set a profit goal that the installation of Velux skylight can help them meet. Reaching the profit goal depends on maximizing the square footage used for each room in a home. Adding Velux skylights have demonstrated to decrease square foot cost by $9 per square foot.

For Contractors and Homeowners: Affordable Upgrade

Installing Velux skylights can almost double the revenue generated per square foot, while providing homeowners with an affordable way to make a significant upgrade that boosts the value of a home. Choosing Velux skylights also benefits contractors and homeowners because the upgrade is fast and easy to do.

For Homeowners: Transform the Attic

Installing Velux skylights in the dark, empty attic can transform it into a space you can utilize for anything from storage to a recreational room to entertain guests. Velux skylights are renowned for allowing the most natural light into a home on a square-foot basis.

For Homeowners: Helpful Tax Credits

Homeowners that choose to install eligible Velux skylights can receive up to a 22 percent tax credit on purchase and installation costs. Velux remains committed to developing products that help reduce the global carbon footprint. The leader in skylights created the Velux Go Solar initiative, which follows a mission to reduce energy consumption and generate energy savings for homeowners.

For Homeowners: Versatility

Velux designs and manufactures a wide variety of skylights to meet the specification of virtually every homeowner. For example, the solar-powered Fresh Air Skylights feature a solar panel that absorbs sunlight to recharge a battery-powered control system. Other products offered by Velux allow homeowners to open and close skylights with the touch of a button.

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What Are The Most Popular Types of Commercial Skylights?

What Are The Most Popular Types of Commercial Skylights - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

If you are considering commercial skylights for your building, you have a wide variety of options and configurations to choose from that help you achieve your goals. For example, some brands of commercial skylights specialize in spreading more light over a large office to help improve morale. On the other hand, other brands of commercial skylights specialize in lowering energy costs, which during an era of high energy bills, has become a common goal among both businesses and nonprofit organizations.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Skylights?

Is it worth the time and money to invest in the installation of commercial skylights for your building? If a growing number of businesses that have made the investment is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.

Commercial skylights decrease energy consumption, which is a huge plus for both the environment and your company’s bottom line. Typically constructed with durable seals, commercial skylights do a great job of keeping out cold air in winter and hot air during summer. An increase in sunlight represents a cost-effective strategy to boost morale, which in turn enhances productivity. More natural light improves mental health as well. Brightening the interior of your building produces a more attractive interior, which makes the all-important positive first impression on everyone who visits your building.

The Most Popular Types of Commercial Skylights

Working with a team of certified skylight contractors can help you decide which of the following types of most popular commercial skylights work best for your building.


Architectural skylights possess a large structural frame that contractors install into the ceiling of large commercial buildings. An architect who designs a large, open area inside a commercial building might opt to install architectural skylights to achieve the largest area of coverage for sunlight to enter a room.

Curb Mount

Not every business requires the installation of large commercial skylights. A case in point is small retail spaces, such as restaurants and grocery stores. These individual commercial skylights mount inside a raised curb to limit the amount of space taken up in a small retail establishment.


Dome skylights represent one of the most popular types of skylights for residences, but the most appropriate application is for installing them in commercial structures. This type of commercial skylight contains rugged thermoplastic that withstands strong impacts and prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Translucent Walls

In a commercial building where achieving maximum possible sunlight is the desired goal, translucent wall skylights expand the amount of natural light available for larger rooms. Translucent wall skylights brighten up public buildings such as aquatic centers and botanical gardens.


As one of the most complex types of commercial skylights, vaulted skylights have a series of transparent panels that are arranged in raised shapes that look like pyramids. The raised shape makes it easy to maintain this type of commercial skylight. Vaulted skylights work best in large, high-traffic areas such as shopping malls and transportation centers.

The Bottom Line

The features of commercial skylights differ in some ways from the features of residential skylights. If your company is ready to move forward with installing commercial skylights, make sure to hire a team of contractors that specialize in installing the most popular types of commercial skylights.

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The Best James Hardie Siding Options for Your Historic Home

The Best James Hardie Siding Options for Your Historic Home - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

A home remodeling project requires meticulous planning from hiring a trustworthy general contractor to obtaining the right building permits. The project gets even more difficult for the remodel of a historic home. One of the decisions you have to make before starting a home remodeling project concerns selecting the best siding contractors.

Age is not the only factor that determines the designation of a historic home. Other factors that play a role in designating a home as historic include using traditional materials and closely following the craftsmanship techniques used during the period when the first owner constructed the house. Original craftsmanship applies to installing historically accurate siding during a home remodeling project.

Let’s review the best James Hardie siding options for your historic home.

Wood Siding Versus Synthetic Siding

Before we specify the best James Hardie options for your historic home, let’s first compare the attributes between wood and synthetic siding.


One of the many frequently asked questions that we receive concerns the lifespan of different types of siding. Synthetic siding such as vinyl typically has a lifespan between 50 and 60 years, which covers three generations of a family. However, wood siding delivers much more longevity that can exceed a lifespan of 200 years.

Energy Efficiency

You might hear about many myths that regard siding, and one of the most common myths concerns the energy efficiency of synthetic siding. The National Park Service published a Preservation Brief that dispels the myth that synthetic siding does a better job of trapping heat and preventing cold air from entering a home. At the heart of disproving the myth is the point that walls are not where most warm and cool air is lost in a home.


Synthetic siding requires more maintenance, especially when the time comes to prepare for seasonal changes. Installing synthetic siding also might create more maintenance issues for other parts of your house. You do not have to clean wood siding as often, as well as have to deal with siding expanding in summer and contracting in winter.

Historical Accuracy

Wood siding represented the most historically accurate type of siding because the use of wood to construct homes goes back as far as the first settlers. Not only is wood the more significantly relevant type of material to use for siding, but it also ensures the use of authentic tools and the implementation of geographically accurate craftsmanship.

What Types of Options Do I Have for Wood Siding?

Wood offers as many, if not more options than what synthetic siding offers.

Pine and cedar represent the two most common types of wood siding, with cedar doing a better job of resisting rot and the damage caused by insects. Cedar also is more dimensionally stable, which means it does not crack, expand, or contract. One of the aesthetic appeals of cedar is the wide variety of color options.

Engineered wood looks, feels, and provides similar advantages as solid wood, without you having to pay more for siding. However, when the time comes to install wood siding for your historic home, you should go with pine or cedar to ensure the utmost historical integrity, while enjoying the benefits of low maintenance and high energy efficiency.

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Retaining Your Home’s Charm Through Your Remodel

Retaining Your Home’s Charm Through Your Remodel - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

You have spent a considerable amount of time planning for your home remodeling project. One issue that presents an obstacle for your home remodeling project involves deciding how to retain the charm of your house. Hiring a team of experienced and highly-rated home remodeling contractors should help you achieve your remodeling goals, while retaining the charm of your home.

Charm is one of several characteristics that define curb appeal, which is how neighbors and visitors to the neighborhood view the outside décor of your house. Charm also is an integral characteristic of the interior décor. If you have watched a house-buying show on HGTV, you understand the importance of retaining the charm during a remodeling project because of the value that charm adds to the price of your house.

How to Retain Your Home’s Charm

Before you start the home remodeling project, write down a list of everything that you love about your house. You also should ask for input from friends and family members to discover which features deliver the charm required to attract the interest of potential home buyers. Do you love the original woodwork that exudes a rustic ambiance? Does the hardwood flooring generate a sophisticated feeling? Is cedar siding that has been installed by siding contractors a strong selling point that delivers the charm factor? Other features that might be worth retaining during a remodel include pocket doors, crown molding, and original hardware.

Reasonable Expectations

After writing down a list of the most charming features of your home that you want to retain during a remodeling project, the next item on your to-do list should be to have reasonable expectations when determining which features should stay and which features have to go. Some charming features such as a fireplace or sliding bookcase might not be reasonable features to save for both design and budgetary reasons.

You cannot expect to keep every charming feature of your house during a remodeling project.

Think Addition, Not Subtraction

Saving the best features that help your home exude charm is not all about deciding which features you can afford to remove. You also should consider adding charming features during a remodeling project. In fact, a remodeling project represents the best opportunity for you to enhance the charm of your home. This is especially true for outdoor features, such as the installation of residential skylights and expanding the size of the garage.

Save the Light Fixtures

Certain types of light fixtures add a tremendous amount of charm and character, regardless of the change in the design of a room or a series of rooms. If you decide to complete an overhaul of a room, search for light fixtures that exemplify the era of the ambiance you want to project. Reproduction light fixtures represent charming additions to any room in your home.

Optimize the Charm of Window Treatments

Older homes include windows that have drapes or curtains that add charming panache. Your home does not have to be old for it to benefit from window treatments. Window treatments add a contemporary feel, without lessening the impact of charming windows. They also add beauty, color, and texture to a room.

Above all, be patient with a home remodeling project to ensure you do not overlook any features that should retain their charm.

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Choosing Siding Color for Your Home

Choosing Siding Color for Your Home - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

You do not get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

It is a saying that has relevance in a wide variety of settings, from nerve-racking job interviews to gut-wrenching first dates. In the housing industry, the saying has to do with making a positive first impression of a home. A visually appealing exterior design coupled with a finely manicured lawn can prompt visitors to your neighborhood to do a double take for a second chance to view an attractive property.

When you think of the curb appeal of your home, you might not think much about siding, but you should. The color of your siding makes a huge difference in establishing curb appeal that pays homage to the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.”

As a team of highly-rated siding contractors, Mares Dow helps homeowners choose the right siding color for their houses. Let’s review a few tips for choosing siding color.

Complement Your Home’s Exterior Design

The type of exterior design for your home is one of, if not the most important factor to consider when considering ways to boost curb appeal. It is simply a matter of understanding what comes first, your house’s exterior design or the color of the siding. Whether your home exudes a Craftsman, Colonial, Victorian, or Mediterranean motif, you want the color of the siding to complement the design, not make a different design statement.

For example, the color of the siding installed for a farmhouse-designed home should be neutral to allow the farmhouse motif to be the most important element of curb appeal.

Stay Within the Neighborhood’s Style

Blending in your neighborhood in terms of exterior design seems counterintuitive when you want your home to “pop” when visitors to the neighborhood pass by your property. However, you can achieve the right balance between presenting a unique design that captures the attention of visitors to the neighborhood and seamlessly blends in with the other homes surrounding your property.

A team of experienced residential general contractors can help you achieve the optimal design balance when choosing siding color for your home.

Current Trends Matter

When home remodeling contractors plan for a project, one of the most important factors for exterior design concerns current trends. When we mention current trends, we are not talking about exterior design ideas that are “Here today, gone tomorrow.” Fleeting trends deliver a poor return on your home improvement investment. Instead, you want the color of your siding to reflect a long-term exterior design trend.

A few of the most common exterior design trends that have staying power include the use of pastels, as well as bold, high-contrast, or monochromatic color schemes.

Refer to Your Home’ Accent Colors

Although complementing the exterior design of your home is important when choosing siding color, you also should consider the color of the accent points. Referring to the color scheme of shutters, window trim, and exposed beams can help you choose a siding color that visually supports important accent features. You also should refer to the color of the pillars, front door, and porch railings.

You can choose a similar color for siding as other home accents, and still make the siding stand out by choosing a different tint or shade. This is an especially helpful tip for brighter colors, such as red and yellow that convey a cheerful exterior ambiance.

The Bottom Line

Although choosing siding color for your home does not represent the most important decision you can expect to make for a remodel, it can be the difference that enhances the visual appeal of your house. Working with a team of experienced siding contractors ensures you select the right color for siding.

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Traditional Dome vs. Double Dome Skylights

Traditional Dome vs. Double Dome Skylights - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

Commercial skylights offer several benefits for businesses searching for ways to brighten up the workplace. Welcoming in more natural light enhances the mood of employees, which leads to higher productivity because of improved morale. Natural light also produces more heat that comes in handy for businesses operating in colder climates. Instead of turning up the thermostat and thus, increasing the monthly energy bill, commercial skylights act as a natural thermostat to maintain a comfortable work environment. Less energy consumed makes commercial skylights an eco-friendly addition to any office space.

Because of the many benefits, the decision to install commercial skylights did not take much time to make. Instead, the difficult question to answer is what type of commercial skylights work best for your business

Dome vs. Flat: Which Skylight Delivers More Benefits?

Although adding flat commercial skylights delivers several benefits, you can do better by installing dome skylights.

More Light Enters a Space

The primary reason for installing commercial skylights is to increase the amount of sunlight that enters an office space. With their curved surfaces, dome skylights allow more natural light into a room when compared to flat skylights. The curved design used for dome skylights bends sunlight enough to spread out the natural light for more coverage. An increase in natural light translates into enhanced employee morale.

Resists Weather-Related Damage

One distinct disadvantage of flat skylights is that they tend to collect substantial amounts of rain and snow. Accumulation of precipitation can cause lingering performance issues if you do not immediately remove the rain and snow. Once again, the curved design of dome skylights is an advantage because it forces rain and snow to slide off the surface. The ability for moisture to slide off a dome skylight ensures the light presents clarity when it lets sunlight into an office space.

More Energy Efficient

In an era of spiraling upward costs, energy efficiency remains an important consideration when selecting the right type of skylight for your business. This is especially true for restaurants that operate on razor-thin budgets. Since manufacturers use acrylic to manufacture most types of dome skylights, the incredibly durable, yet lightweight material does a great job of trapping heat. You can improve the energy efficiency of your business even more by following a helpful tip.

Why Are Double Dome Skylights Superior to Single Dome Skylights?

The more, the merrier is an appropriate euphemism when discussing the comparison between single and double dome commercial skylights. Adding a layer of long-lasting acrylic to a dome skylight boosts the energy efficiency of your business. Double dome commercial skylights trap more heat to produce a much more comfortable office environment. The additional insulation also keeps in more cool air when the Bay Area goes through a heat wave. Adding a second dome layer does a better job of preventing condensation, as well as acts as a sound barrier to prevent outside noises from distracting your team of high achievers.

The Bottom Line

You can extend the lifespan of your double-dome commercial skylights by following a few time-tested tips. First, invest in a quality material such as acrylic that withstands the worst weather and the strongest impacts. Second, follow the maintenance schedule printed on the package to ensure optimal long-term performance. Third, contact a team of professional skylight installers to install the set of double-dome commercial skylights that can improve the bottom line of your business.

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How Wooden Walls can Contribute to Curb Appeal

How Wooden Walls can Contribute to Curb Appeal - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

First impressions matter.

Whether you arrive early to an interview or pick up the check after a meal with a work associate you have met for the first time, the first few seconds of an encounter go a long way toward determining the success of building a positive relationship. For a home, the positive first impression is called curb appeal.

Curb appeal refers to the value of your home’s exterior. You have several ways to enhance the curb appeal of your house and thus, increase the value of the entire property. You can hire siding contractors to install vinyl siding or contract with a landscaping company to add neatly trimmed hedges in front of a bay window. Another type of strategy to enhance the curb appeal of your home is to give it a more rustic, charming appearance.

This means adding wooden walls and other wooden accessories to help you boost the curb appeal of your house.

The Visual Appeal of a Log Cabin

What comes immediately to mind when you see a log cabin or a home constructed with wooden walls that exude the aesthetic appeal of a log cabin? You probably think the home produces a cozy, relaxed ambiance that is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day at work. When you hire home remodeling contractors to add wooden walls to your home, you transform your property into one of the most visually appealing properties in the neighborhood.

A wooden screen, which is a wall of wood designed with horizontal slats, adds visual variety to your home while also providing much-needed shade and privacy. Adding a wooden screen can conceal a front patio where you entertain guests or create a barrier located between your home and an adjacent lot. Wooden screens also create an effective backdrop for installing outdoor lights. You can go with all horizontal wooden slats or mix them up by blending the slats with other materials such as brick, cement, and/or pavers.

The Role of Siding

Adding accent siding that produces a full or partial wooden wall appearance can increase the curb appeal of your home. It also creates design diversity with the other elements of your home’s exterior. Many homes constructed during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s in the mountainous regions of the United States used T1-11 siding, which is a wood or wood-based siding product that presents a natural, wood-grained appearance. If your home improvement budget cannot fit the cost of installing logs to create a log cabin ambiance, T1-11 siding might be the solution to enhance the curb appeal of your house.

The Little Additions Matter

Accent pieces designed with wood, such as a mailbox and planter box, can improve the curb appeal of your home if you choose not to add wooden walls. Replacing an old series of cement steps with wooden decking generates visual appeal without busting the home improvement budget. Adirondack chairs, benches, and tables promote a laid-back, social ambiance that plays off the other exterior design elements of your home.

If you decide to renovate your home by adding wooden walls to create a log cabin look, make sure your vision complies with all the rules followed by the members of your neighborhood association.

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