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Top Skylight Contractors Do A Lot More Than Just Installing Skylights

Top Skylight Contractors Do A Lot More Than Just Skylights - Mares Dow

The benefits delivered by installing skylights have convinced you to add to the list of home improvement projects. Skylights enhance the ambiance of a room, which in turn brightens the mood of everyone in it. For employers, installing skylights is directly linked with improving worker productivity. Skylights also lower energy bills by allowing more sunlight to reach the interior of a building. When you are ready to install skylights, you have many factors to consider before starting the project. The most important factor involves selecting the best team of skylight contractors.

The top skylight contractors do much more than install skylights.

Share Knowledge

Experienced skylight contractors have spent their entire careers learning about every feature offered by different skylight models. Whether you have installed skylights before or if this is the first time adding the amenity to your home or office, a licensed skylight contractor gives you insight into the ideal skylights to install.

Skylight knowledge also includes sharing tips on how to maximize the energy-sharing benefits, as well as where to install the skylights to increase the amount of natural illumination in a room. They also suggest specific types of skylights, such as venting skylights that improve air circulation. Contractors share knowledge of building codes and residential neighborhood zoning laws.

Responsive Communication

Most home improvement projects require the preparation of a detailed schedule, including a project that involves installing skylights. However, events such as material shortages, prolonged bad weather, and supply chain disruptions, derail the most carefully thought-out work schedules. As the client, you should expect work schedule changes, but you should never tolerate a team of home remodeling contractors that do not inform you of any scheduling changes

This means in addition to installing your new skylights, the contractor responsible for the skylight project must promptly inform you of schedule changes. You also should receive prompt responses to questions left on voicemail, as well as via email and text messages.

Point Out Roofing Issues

Skylight contractors get an up-close at the condition of the roof during an installation project. If they detect any roofing issues that compromise the structure and/or appearance of the roof, they should explain the issues to you. Even better, experienced skylight contractors typically have developed a network of other types of special contractors to contact for working on a home improvement project. This means that top skylight contractors doing a lot more than skylights should have the name and contact information of a roofing contractor to address any structural and/or appearance issues.

Closely Follows the Budget

You should have created a budget for the skylight installation project, which the contractor overseeing the project should approve after making a few adjustments. For example, maybe you decided to follow the contractor’s recommendation to add one or more skylights to the project list. Once both parties agree to a budget, the team of skylight contractors should closely follow the budget and if a cost overrun seems likely, immediately notify the client to allow the client to adjust the project budget.

The Bottom Line

You have several factors to consider for a skylight installation project. Although choosing the best contractor that has extensive experience installing skylights is important, you also want to hire one of the top contractors that does a lot more than just installing skylights.

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Top Reasons that Installing Commercial Skylights is a Company Investment

Top Reasons that Installing Commercial Skylights is a Company Investment - Mares & Dow

The management teams at most businesses have historically viewed commercial skylights as a luxury. In other words, they viewed commercial skylights as an amenity that if any money remained in the budget at the end of a fiscal year, some of the remaining money might go to installing skylights. Management teams now view commercial skylights much differently, as they represent the present, not the future of modern commercial buildings for companies that want to remain highly competitive. Installing commercial skylights is now considered a company investment.

Let’s review the reasons why.

Investment in Employee Well-Being

Several studies have demonstrated that prolonged exposure to artificial light sources can be detrimental to a worker’s physical health. A study conducted by Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands revealed too much exposure to artificial light decreases muscle mass, weakens the immune system, and accelerates the aging process. Too much exposure to artificial light also disrupts sleep patterns, as well as increases the risks associated with health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Another study that involved more than 1,600 employees concluded an abundant source of natural light can enhance the health of both customers and employees.

Investment in the Environment

You do not need to review a study that shows artificial lights consume a considerable amount of energy. Just look at the energy bills your company receives each month. The Energy Information Administration released a report stating residential and commercial structures consume more than six percent of all the electricity generated in the United States. Installing commercial skylights should dramatically reduce the consumption of energy by artificial light sources.

Increasing sunlight while reducing artificial lighting lowers your company’s carbon footprint, which is a substantial investment in the environment.

Investment in Worker Productivity

Sufficient lighting of any kind in an office space typically leads to higher productivity levels. Illumination triggers the pleasure sensory neurotransmitters that run throughout the brain. However, installing commercial sunlights does a much better job of motivating employees due to the sensory stimulation of getting to see, hear, and smell nature that is just outside the building. Fully enclosed office spaces produce a much more subdued, even depressing ambiance that stifles worker productivity.

Venting skylights do a great job of bringing your team members closer to nature.

Investment in Saving Money

The timeless business axion of “You have to spend money to make money” applies to installing commercial skylights. Although the initial investment is higher for installing commercial sunlights than it is for adding artificial light sources, the long-term result of installing commercial skylights is that your company saves considerably more money. This is because you do not have to maintain the infrastructure created for artificial light sources and the reduced consumption of energy means your business pays less in utility bills.

Installing Velux commercial skylights is an effective investment in saving money.

Investment in Aesthetics

Here is another timeless business axiom: “You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.” What is the first impression that clients or customers have when they step into your building? If the first impression is the attractive presentation of skylights in the lobby, then the first impression received is that your company is committed to offering high-quality products and services.

Investing in commercial skylights also is an investment in creating aesthetic appeal.

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8 Indications That You Need the Services of Retaining Wall Contractors

8 Indications That You Need the Services of Retaining Wall Contractors - retaining wall contractors - Mares & Dow

Homeowners assume the responsibility for maintaining their properties, from keeping the lawn healthy to ensuring the strength and stability of a fence line. One of the lesser-known types of property maintenance for homeowners concerns retaining walls. A well-constructed retaining wall can prevent flooding and soil erosion. Retaining walls also enhance the visual appeal of a property, which in turn can increase the value of your home.

Let’s review the indications that you need the services of retaining wall contractors.

Maximize Land Use

If you have a sloped area on your property, you probably do not use the sloped area for anything. By installing a retaining wall surrounding a sloped area, you can create a garden or use the extra land to build a patio or another type of outdoor living space such as an outdoor dining area.

High Erosion Risk

If your property includes a large area that runs downhill, you need to find a solution to control soil erosion. One of the most popular reasons why homeowners need the services of retaining wall contractors concerns preventing soil from becoming displaced. A retaining wall prevents soil from becoming overly saturated, which helps keep it intact throughout the worst weather.

Controlling Rainwater

Homeowners should devise a plan to control rainwater to prevent it from entering areas of the home such as the basement and family room. Using the services of retaining wall contractors can divert rainwater from your home to other areas of your property. A retaining wall that diverts rainwater directly to a drainage system represents the ideal solution for controlling rainwater.

This is an especially important benefit if you live in a flood-prone area.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Like other types of home amenities, retaining walls have a limited lifespan. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions eventually causes irrevocable damage to a retaining wall. A team of retaining wall contractors inspects your retaining wall to check for issues such as water leaks, disconnected bricks, and a large slippage of a wall.

Increase the Value of Your Property

Adding a retaining wall delivers as much visual appeal as it delivers functional appeal. Hiring a team of retaining wall contractors allows you to choose among different designs such as concrete, timber, and natural stone walls. Enhancing the visual appeal of your property should increase the value of your home. The functional benefits of a retaining wall also contribute to an increase in home value.

Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Soil erosion might be the least of your worries. If the foundation of your home is constantly exposed to water runoff, it might develop cracks that eventually compromise the entire structure. Gaps in the soil caused by erosion are another cause of weakening a home’s foundation. Hiring a team of foundation construction professionals ensures you maintain a highly stable foundation.

Divide Uneven Land

If your property includes several different tiers, installing multiple retaining walls allows you to create more usable spaces. Dividing uneven land into separate sections can help you build a tennis or basketball court on one terrace, while using a second terrace to create a garden to grow fruits and vegetables.

Neighbors Complain

Soil erosion and rainwater runoff do not have to impact your property directly. Both types of property issues can negatively impact the properties of your neighbors. If you hear your neighbors starting to complain about soil erosion and rainwater runoff, the time might have arrived for the services of retaining wall contractors.

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4 Popular Tips From Home Remodeling Contractors About Room Additions

4 Popular Tips From Home Remodeling Contractors About Room Additions - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

Whether your family is about to grow or you simply need more space to entertain and store things, adding one or more rooms represents a great way to meet your goals, without you and your family having to move. You also benefit from an increase in the value of your property. However, adding one or more rooms represents one of the most complex home improvement projects.

With that in mind, let’s review four popular tips from home remodeling contractors about room additions.

Start Deep Into the Ground

Every home addition requires the stability of a strong foundation to support the new addition, which means you must match the floor and roof lines to establish foundational stability. The foundation should go deep enough to penetrate the frost depth established in your area. What should you do with the displaced soil?

The answer is to spread it over your property and build one or more retaining walls to hold the additional soil in place. A team of properly credentialed retaining wall contractors can help you build one or more retaining walls.

Match the Exterior and Interior Finishes

The new room addition should match the exterior and interior designs of your home. If your room requires an extension of the roof, make sure the room matches the roofline in terms of pitch, eave depth, and rafter size. Then, ensure the new room exterior matches the design of the siding and other types of exterior finishes. Finally, the design of doors, walls, and windows should match the interior of every other room in your house.

Establish the Budget

The cost of most improvement projects can be high, especially when it comes to adding a room. You can expect the cost of a room addition to be at least 10 percent of your home’s value. After you create a preliminary budget that you share with the general contractor, you must determine how you plan to fund the home remodeling project. Do you want to take out a second home mortgage? Do you have enough money saved to at least finance a part of the project? Do you need to apply for a loan to fund a substantial portion of the new room addition?

You can save money by completing a few do-it-yourself projects, but make sure not to risk compromising the structural integrity of your house.

Hire the Right Contractor

The key to hiring the right contractor for your new room addition is to ensure the contractor has built a positive reputation. Ask for professional references from past clients, as well as read the review left by former clients on sites like Yelp and Google. You should finalize the budget with the right general contractor, but leave a little wriggle room to account for unexpected costs such as those associated with project delays. Set up a way to communicate deadlines and schedules, and make sure you put the work schedules in writing to hold the general contractor accountable for completing the home remodeling project on time.

The right general contractor explains the permits and licenses you need to acquire for each phase of the project. You also should understand how to make your project comply with local building codes, as well as any restrictions placed on your property by the homeowner’s association.

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Are Commercial Skylights Covered By Property Insurance After a Big Storm?

Are Commercial Skylights Covered By Property Insurance After a Big Storm - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

Wild weather has defined the start of 2023, from record snow levels in the California mountains to tornadic storms in the deep south to a nor’easter plaguing New England. Commercial property insurance can protect your assets against the damage caused by the wrath of Mother Nature. However, one question deserves an answer for commercial property owners.

Are commercial skylights covered by property insurance after a big storm? The answer in most cases is it depends on the type of coverage you have purchased for your business.

Business property insurance policies should always include a clause that describes in detail how a business can recover the financial losses generated by roof damage. Commercial skylights represent the showcase component of a roof and in most cases, business property insurance covers the cost of replacing damaged commercial skylights or repairing the leaks that have developed around one or more structurally compromised commercial skylights.

You installed commercial skylights to reap the many benefits associated with the property enhancements. Commercial skylights such as Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights invite much more natural sunlight into a room, which brightens the mood of the employees working in the room. Improved mood often translates into higher productivity rates. Commercial skylights also enhance the visual appeal of a business, which typically increases the value of the property. Finally, installing commercial skylights reduces energy bills by trapping heat in winter and preventing heat from entering a building during the warmer months of the year.

How Does Your Business Property Insurance Address Roof Leaks

Because of the potential for storms to cause roof leaks, your business property insurance policy should include a clause that specifically addresses the damage inflicted on commercial skylights. The key to determining whether your policy pays for roof repairs involves determining the cause of the damage. The most common types of extreme weather that damage roofs include hail, strong winds, and the development of ice jams. Every business insurance policy contains a section declaring the hazards that the policy covers.

Although your business property insurance policy should cover the most common types of extreme weather that impact your area of the country, you also should consider covering the more infrequent weather events. For example, many businesses in Texas did not insure their properties against ice and snow damage, which became a major financial distress issue after the polar vortex unleashed its destruction in February 2021.

What Are the Signs of Weather-Related Commercial Skylight Damage?

Identifying the signs of weather-related commercial skylight damage is an important item on your list of maintenance tasks.


The strong impacts inflicted by hail and flying debris can cause cracks to form on commercial skylights, as well as the sealing agents used to secure the skylights on a roof. One of the first signs of a structurally compromised commercial skylight is the development of visible cracks.

Wind Drafts

Perhaps you cannot see the cracks that develop as the result of a big storm. However, you might be able to feel wind drafts, especially if the temperature of the drafts is in stark contrast to the temperature in the space where the commercial skylights provide natural sunlight.


Skylight condensation forms when warm, humid air rises to the ceiling to interact with colder air filtering in from outdoors. The result can be signs of discoloration or even the discovery of one or more areas where a commercial skylight leaks.

The Bottom Line: Know What Your Policy Covers

Before the start of the severe weather season that defines your area, review your business property insurance policy to determine whether skylights receive coverage in the event of a severe weather outbreak. For example, if you operate a business in Buffalo, New York, ensure your business property insurance policy covers the roof damage inflicted by blizzards.

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What Type of Siding is Best For My Home?

What Type of Siding is Best For My Home - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

When you walk around the exterior of your home, you should notice a protective layer of material called siding. Installing siding on the exterior of a house delivers several benefits, such as boosting curb appeal and preventing moisture from causing damage to your home. You can install siding to enhance the color of your home, as well as complement a more dominant design theme. To choose the right siding for your house, you should consult with a team of experienced siding contractors.

Architect Amy A. Alper summarizes the dual benefits of hanging siding. “From a functional point of view, siding gives you protection,” Alper said. “From an architectural point of view, there’s an interest now in using a variety of materials to highlight special features on a home. For example, using stone or Western red cedar to highlight an entry.”

You have several factors to consider before deciding what type of siding is best for your home. Factors to consider include price, durability, aesthetic appeal, resistance to moisture, and ease of installation.

Let’s take a quick look at the four most popular types of siding.


Wood siding offers a wide variety of appearances, from rustic charm like a cottage to rich tones that present a Cape Cod-type ambiance. If maintained correctly, wood siding can be highly durable, even in regions of the country that experience severe weather such as blizzards and hailstorms. By following the recommended maintenance schedule, wood siding can last from 10 to as long as 100 years.

Wood siding, which runs between $5 and $10 per square foot installed, is popular among home remodeling contractors.


If you are looking for an affordable siding option that offers design versatility and easy maintenance, then installing vinyl siding represents the best siding for your home. Although some residential designers do not like the plastic-like appearance of vinyl, the availability of several types of colors and styles should help you come up with an attractive design. With the ability to withstand strong impacts, vinyl siding lasts longer than any other type of siding. Since it requires few tools to install and is readily available at home improvement stores, installing vinyl siding represents one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects.


Constructed from oven-fired clay, brick is available in different sizes and textures to match your design vision. You can find brick siding in English, Tudor, and Colonial residential designs. Brick exudes both charm and panache, which makes it the most visually appealing type of siding if matched with the right home exterior design.

Because water can penetrate brick veneer, you have to install a membrane between the brick veneer and your home to protect the structure.


Presenting an appearance similar to wood or stucco at a lower cost, fiber cement has emerged as one of the most popular choices of siding for homeowners. Fiber-cement siding is low maintenance, as well as the material resists termites and possesses a high non-flammable rating. The siding material can last as long as 50 years, with the average cost per square foot installed running between $6 and $12, and it also helps retain your home’s charm during a remodeling project.

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The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home

The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

When you consider the options to increase the value of your home, you probably think about areas of your property that are located around you. For example, adding a flower bed at the front of your home represents an effective way to enhance curb appeal which we know directly impacts the value of your house. However, one of the most effective ways to boost the value of your home lies above you. We are talking about the roof of your house and the opportunity to have skylights installed by a highly-rated team of skylight contractors.

Residential skylights deliver several benefits for homeowners starting with introducing more light into your house. An increase in natural light improves the ambiance of your home, as well as the mood of everyone that lives in it. An increase in the amount of natural light also generates more warmth inside your home, which is an especially valuable attribute for homeowners who live in colder climates granted they install the right residential skylights that possess the insulation to trap heat. Residential skylights also reduce the need for windows, which gives you and your family much more privacy.

Although installing skylights delivers several benefits for homeowners, to maximize the many benefits you have to know the best locations for skylights in your home. We present a short list of the best spots to install skylights.


Your kitchen is the room inside your home that benefits the most from installing residential skylights. Additional light from a natural source strengthens the functionality of the kitchen by providing much more illumination to perform food preparation tasks such as peeling vegetables and slicing through raw meats. With the installation of one or more skylights in the kitchen, you can eliminate one or more windows to bolster the privacy enjoyed by you and your family. With fewer windows needed to welcome in the sun, you gain much more wall space to store items such as spices and cooking accessories.

If you opt for installing a couple of venting skylights, you can remove the scent of last night’s meal by increasing the amount of circulated natural air inside your house.

Dining Room

A team of experienced home remodeling contractors can install residential skylights to enhance the ambiance of the most social room inside your house, which is the place where you, your guests, and your family congregate to share meals. The dining room is the ideal room to increase the amount of natural light due to its relatively large size and the importance of maintaining an upbeat mood. Installing skylights also can help you illuminate attractive accessories such as paintings and sculptures. Increasing the flow of natural light in a high-traffic room like the dining room also generates more heat to ensure the comfort of everyone breaking bread together.

Living Room

Where do guests and family members go after spending time in the kitchen and dining room? The answer is the living room, which often represents the largest room inside of a house. Installing skylights improves the energy efficiency of a room that does the worst job of trapping heat because of its large size. If you install venting skylights, you can open up your home to more air circulation to increase the comfort of everyone relaxing on a chair or couch. More natural light accentuates the appearance of the décor of this high-traffic room, as well as allows you to remove one or more windows to ensure the utmost privacy for your family. Fewer windows open up more space in the largest room in your house.

Residential skylights installed in the living room also reduce moisture to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

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Enjoy the Spring Breeze With Venting Skylights

Enjoy the Spring Breeze With Venting Skylights - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

Did you know a team of skylight contractors can welcome spring into your home or office?

The signs of spring are beginning to appear everywhere. The days have grown longer, birds have started to arrive from their winter homes, and even flowers have started to bloom in areas of the Northeast. Installing any of the different types of skylights represents an effective way to boost the ambiance of your home and office, as well as help you save money on energy bills. However, is there a type of skylight that does more than welcome the warmth generated by natural sunlight?

The answer is yes, and it comes in the form of venting skylights.

What is a Venting Skylight?

A venting skylight opens to encourage the circulation of fresh air inside a home or office space. A continuous hinge helps you calibrate how much space you want to create. You can install venting skylights on almost every type of roofing material, even the glass used to construct greenhouses and sunrooms. An operable venting skylight can attach to an existing traditional type of skylight construction as a standalone unit on a roof.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Residential Venting Skylights?

Installing multiple venting residential skylights delivers several benefits for homeowners.

An Increase in the Exposure of Light

One of the most common reasons for installing any type of residential skylight concerns the addition of natural light into a room. Increasing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can be a significant factor in enhancing the ambiance of several rooms. Research studies have demonstrated the positive impact that light has on mood. Installing venting skylights does that and much more by allowing you to illuminate certain areas of your home that present visual appeal.

Welcome the Sounds and Smells of Nature

The rebirth of nature represents the best time of year to take in the diverse smells from all forms of floral. Blooming flowers emit a wide variety of appealing scents that converge inside of a room because a venting skylight has created the space to welcome nature. You might have noticed the commercials promoting apps that present the soothing sounds of nature. Instead of an app, opening a venting skylight allows you and your family to listen to the calming sounds coming from a diverse ecosystem.

Decrease Energy Costs

Installing venting skylights allows you to open each unit to increase the warmth in certain rooms of your house. Instead of turning up the thermostat to remove the cool air that entered your home overnight, simply open your venting skylights to warm up multiple rooms. Even if you leave your venting skylights closed, the sunlight that enters your home warms up even the largest room. In an era of soaring energy costs, venting skylights can take the edge off expensive monthly utility bills.

Reduce Moisture

Without a constant stream of air moving around your home, you might discover areas that develop moisture. This is especially true around doors, hallways, and windows. You also should be concerned about moisture build-up in the attic and basement because excess moisture encourages the development of unhealthy mold and mildew. Venting skylights increase air circulation, which in turn helps keep your house dry. With more air circulation that dries up moisture, you also should experience fewer encounters with pests.

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3 Reasons to Hire Siding Contractors for Home Renovation

3 Reasons to Hire Siding Contractors for Home Renovation - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

Due to the abundance of helpful information presented in online articles and blog posts, a growing number of homeowners have assumed at least some responsibility for completing home renovation projects. However, some items on a home renovation do-to list require the expertise and experience of a licensed contractor, as is the case with hiring siding contractors to work on your home renovation project.

The satisfaction you feel after completing a do-it-yourself home renovation project might make it worthwhile to take the time and put in the effort to get things done. Nonetheless, some projects such as removing and adding siding require professionals to achieve optimal quality and durability. Although you might pay a little more for the work completed by a licensed and certified team of siding contractors, the work that you get should far exceed the quality of the work you would have put in to install siding on your home.

One of the reasons to hire siding contractors for home renovation concerns the big picture, which is increasing the value of your property. In addition to the big picture of an increase in home value, you should hire a team of siding contractors for three additional reasons.

Considerable Experience

No matter how easy a tutorial is online concerning the installation of siding or the fact that you have some experience installing siding, nothing compares to the extensive experience siding contractors bring to the table. These professionals go through comprehensive training programs to learn the different skills developed for the siding trade. The best contractors require employees to demonstrate a certain level of proficiency before giving them more on-the-job responsibilities. It takes years for a siding contractor to assume a leadership position to assume siding removal and installation projects.

Extensive Knowledge

Experienced siding contractors understand how to install panels that evenly attach to the side of a home. They also know how to ensure siding panels remain parallel to each other even during the worst weather delivered by Mother Nature. Siding contractors that have years of experience know how to install siding that prevents leaks, air loss, and the infestation of pests. They also can help you answer the frequently asked questions that pertain to siding projects.

You can watch all the tutorials online and receive advice from an expert working at the local home improvement stores and still never reach the level of knowledge possessed by a siding contractor.

Quicker Completion of Your Project

Home remodeling projects typically cost a lot of money to complete, with the value of materials representing the costliest expense. There also is the timeless saying of “Time is money,” which in your case refers to the longer time it takes you to finish a siding installation project than the time it takes for siding contractors to finish the same project. Instead of spending your weekends trying to finish a siding removal and installation project, you hire a team of professionals to get the job done right in a fraction of the time it takes you to complete the home renovation project.

Bonus Reason to Hire Siding Contractors

Where your home is located in the United States plays a significant role in determining the best type of siding panels, as well as the most effective type of roofing material to prevent leaks and heat from escaping. Although vinyl siding is the preferred type of siding because of its affordability, aesthetic appeal, and rugged durability, the siding contractors that you hire for your home remodeling project might recommend another type of panel or a combination of vinyl and another type of panel.

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How Will Skylight Contractors Make My Home Feel More Spacious?

How Will Skylight Contractors Make My Home Feel More Spacious - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

If you are looking to brighten up your home, installing more windows is not the answer to your illumination needs. Even if windows offer you a picturesque view of a meadow or hilly terrain, how many windows do you need to see the same thing? No, the answer to your illumination needs can be answered by a team of skylight contractors.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Skylights?

Whether you want to install skylights in a bedroom or the living room, completing this popular project delivers several benefits.

First, skylights welcome much more natural light, which significantly brightens up a home. Installing residential skylights immediately boost the ambiance of any room in your home, although skylights do the best job of enhancing the ambiance of your home when you install them in the living room.

Second, properly installed skylights trap heat in winter and cool air during the warmer months of the year. The result is lower energy bills, which helps the monthly budget. Third, skylights installed by properly credentialed contractors can make any room in a home feel more spacious. This is an especially important benefit for homeowners because the illusion of more space often boosts the value of a house.

The question is not do skylights make a home feel more spacious. Instead, the question is how can skylight contractors make your home feel more spacious?

How Skylight Contractors Can Create the Illusion of More Space

Unless you add to your home in the form of another bedroom or a larger garage, you cannot create more physical space. However, you can create the illusion of more space inside your home by installing skylights.

Creating the illusion of more space for your home by installing skylights follows a principle used by painters when they want to create the illusion of space for their paintings. For painters, creating the illusion of space starts by drawing objects in the background first before moving on to drawing objects moving closer to the front of a painting.

For example, a painter draws the tallest mountain peak first before drawing smaller mountains until finally reaching the foothills. In front of the foothills, a painter can include several of nature’s best features like trees, flowers, and water sources. The last step for creating the illusion of more space for a painting involves adding a structure such as a barn at the front of the painting.

Skylight Contractors Paint the Perfect Picture

Since skylights welcome much more sunlight, how do contractors create the illusion of more space by installing the home amenities? The most important factor is positioning. Where the contractors position skylights determine how much additional depth is created for a room. Positioning skylights to allow the maximum amount of sunlight in a room can illuminate different features to create the same illusion of depth as created by an accomplished painter.

For instance, a skylight installed near the edge of a ceiling can shine natural light on a mural hung on a far-away wall. A second skylight installed directly above the center of a room shines natural light on a closer object such as a dining room table. The mural appears to be farther away, which creates the illusion of more space. Where skylight contractors place skylights also determines the illumination received by accent pieces located at different spots in a room.

Another important factor to make a home feel more spacious involves the type of skylights installed, such as deciding between traditional dome and double dome skylights.

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