4 Exciting Ways That Retaining Wall Contractors Improve Your Landscaping

4 Exciting Ways That Retaining Wall Contractors Improve Your Landscaping - Mares & Dow

It is a never-ending quest that consumes many homeowners: Discover ways to increase the value of their properties. One of the most effective strategies for boosting the value of your home involves enhancing your property’s landscaping. Although you can level sloped land, most landscaping experts such as retaining wall contractors recommend building a retaining wall instead. In addition to representing an affordable home improvement option, a retaining wall also provides several aesthetic and functional benefits.

Let’s review four exciting ways retaining wall contractors improve your landscaping.

Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Depending on the height and type of materials, building a retaining wall on your property can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is an especially important strategy for enhancing the curb appeal of your property. One of the first things a prospective home buyer notices is the visual appeal of the front yard. Adding an attractive retaining wall in the front yard is an effective, yet affordable strategy to enhance curb appeal, which translates into a higher home value.

Building a retaining wall with an attractive material such as marble can seamlessly blend in with the other features that stand out on your property.

Add Functional Space

Undulating terrain such as mounds and rolling hills can present a beautiful appearance. However, undulating terrain also takes up valuable space. From creating a garden to adding more room on a patio, a retaining wall maximizes the space you have on your property. Opening more space by building a retaining wall is a popular way for homeowners to create an outdoor living space where a pergola or gazebo provides shelter for entertaining guests.

A retaining wall can even open up more space for guests to sit during a party.

Flood Control

One of the most disconcerting sights for homeowners to see is watching a torrent of water move through their properties. An excessive amount of rain over a short period can cause considerable flooding, which leads to the nightmare called soil erosion. A team of experienced and knowledgeable retaining wall contractors can build one or more retaining walls to prevent the flooding that causes soil erosion. Retaining walls represent the best strategy to support soil, as well as decrease the speed of moving water.

A team of retaining wall contractors also can help waterproof your property.

Provide Structural Support

A deluge of rain is not the only way to displace the soil on your property. Just the passage of time is enough for soil to become displaced and thus, diminish the structural support provided for your home. As we already emphasized, a retaining wall maintains soil in its place during heavy rainstorms. The same principle applies to dry soil, which increases the structural support of your home to maintain a safe living environment for family members.

Factors to Consider for a Retaining Wall

When you hire a team of retaining contractors, you should consider several factors to ensure the flawless completion of your home improvement project. First, you must decide on the material used to build the retaining wall. Second, you have to choose the right design that blends in perfectly with the appearance of your home. And third, you should determine where you want to build a retaining wall to maximize its functionality.

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