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Home Remodeling is a Great Way to Invest Your Tax Return

Home Remodeling is a Great Way to Invest Your Tax Return - Mares & Dow

Embarking on home remodeling is more than just a renovation; it’s a strategic investment that can yield both immediate and long-term benefits. When pondering how to allocate your tax return wisely, directing it towards enhancing your living space can be a prudent decision. In this article, we will explore the tangible gains and enduring advantages of using your tax return for home remodeling. From boosting property value to enhancing daily life, each facet offers a unique perspective on why home remodeling stands out as a great way to invest your tax return.

Boosting Property Value

Investing your tax return in home remodeling has the potential to yield tangible returns, especially when it comes to boosting the value of your property. Certain remodeling projects, such as updating the kitchen, installing VELUX skylights, or enhancing the bathroom are known to have a positive impact on the resale value of homes. By strategically choosing projects aligned with market trends and buyer preferences, you can maximize the return on your investment when it comes time to sell or refinance.

Comfort and Functionality

Home remodeling goes beyond the realm of numbers; it significantly improves the comfort and functionality of your living space. Allocating your tax return to projects that enhance daily living, such as creating a more functional kitchen or adding extra living space, directly contributes to your overall satisfaction with your home. The intangible benefits of improved comfort and functionality are enduring, positively impacting your day-to-day life in meaningful ways.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Redirecting your tax return towards energy-efficient upgrades during home remodeling can lead to long-term savings on utility bills. Upgrading windows, doors, or insulation contributes to better energy efficiency, reducing your home’s environmental footprint and providing ongoing financial benefits. This upfront investment in energy-efficient features pays off over time through lower utility costs, making it a wise and sustainable use of your tax return funds.

Tailoring Your Living Space

Home renovation allows you to infuse your living space with a personal touch. Allocating your tax return to projects that reflect your taste, such as updating interior decor or reconfiguring layouts, transforms your home into a personalized sanctuary. This investment in personalization not only enhances your connection to your home but also creates a space that truly reflects your individuality and style.

Investing in Happiness

The emotional well-being derived from a renovated and aesthetically pleasing home is an invaluable return on investment. Home remodeling projects contribute to a sense of pride and happiness in your living environment. The joy and satisfaction of seeing your vision come to life, coupled with the improved functionality and aesthetics, create a positive impact on your overall well-being—a priceless return that extends far beyond financial considerations.

Utilizing your tax return for home remodeling offers a range of transformative returns, from increased property value and energy efficiency savings to enhanced comfort, personalization, and emotional well-being. The strategic allocation of funds toward remodeling projects provides tangible benefits and contributes to long-term financial security. Home remodeling stands out as a practical and rewarding choice with multifaceted returns that positively impact your present and future.

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4 Complicated Home Construction Projects Where Home Remodeling Contractors Excel

4 Complicated Home Construction Projects Where Home Remodeling Contractors Excel - Mares & Dow

Home construction projects can vary widely in complexity, from simple renovations to extensive structural changes. While some homeowners might assume that general contractors are solely for remodeling and renovation work, leading home remodeling contractors are well-equipped to handle complex home construction projects. For example, home foundations are known to settle over time and through seismic activity, and often require the coordination of multiple disciplines to correct the problems that arise. Home remodeling contractors who are licensed as general contractors can get the project done faster and more economically by managing time, efficiently scheduling subcontractors, and taking care of issues that arise as the repairs move forward.

1. Home Additions

Expanding your home with a new addition is a complex undertaking that involves structural modifications, foundation work, roofing, and integration with the existing structure. Leading home remodeling contractors have experience in planning and executing home additions seamlessly. They can ensure that the new space complements the existing layout and adheres to local building codes and regulations. Whether you are converting a garage to a nursery, adding a sunroom, or expanding your front porch, home remodelers have the experience to get the job done right and on time.

2. Whole-House Remodels

 Whole-house remodels are comprehensive projects that involve renovating multiple areas of a home simultaneously. These projects often require structural modifications, electrical and plumbing updates, and redesigning the interior layout. Home remodeling contractors excel in orchestrating large-scale renovations. They can oversee every aspect of the project, from demolishing walls to installing new fixtures.

3. Structural Repairs

Addressing structural issues in a home, such as foundation problems, requires specialized knowledge and skills. Home remodeling contractors are well-versed in structural repairs, which can be complicated and critical to a home’s stability. They collaborate with structural engineers and other experts to diagnose and remedy these issues effectively. Whether it’s reinforcing a foundation, repairing load-bearing walls, or addressing sagging floors, home contractors have the experience to tackle challenging structural repairs.

4. Custom Home Building

Custom home building involves designing and constructing a home from the ground up, tailored to the homeowner’s specifications. While it may seem like a task for traditional general contractors, leading home remodeling contractors are increasingly involved in custom home building. Their expertise in design, project management, and attention to detail makes them well-suited for overseeing these complex projects. They work closely with architects and designers to bring the homeowner’s vision to life, ensuring that every aspect of the new home meets their expectations.

Home remodeling contractors are not limited to traditional remodeling and renovation work. They excel in complex home construction projects, including home additions, whole-house remodels, structural repairs, custom home building, and sustainable and green building. Their expertise in project management, design, and attention to detail, combined with their ability to coordinate various aspects of construction, makes them valuable partners for homeowners seeking to undertake complicated projects. Whether you’re expanding your home, renovating an entire house, addressing structural issues, building a custom residence, or embracing sustainability, home remodeling contractors have the knowledge and experience to ensure the successful completion of these complex endeavors.

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Leading Home Remodeling Contractors: Your One-Stop Contact for Most Home Repairs

Leading Home Remodeling Contractors Your 1-Stop Contact for Most Home Repairs - Mares & Dow

Owning a home is an ongoing investment that involves regular maintenance and occasional renovations. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or address general repairs, finding a reliable contractor is crucial. While you might consider hiring different specialists for various tasks, there’s a practical and efficient alternative: working with leading home remodeling contractors who can serve as your one-stop contact for most home repairs. Here are some of the most important advantages of relying on these professionals for a wide range of projects.

Expertise Across Multiple Disciplines

Leading home remodeling contractors often employ a team of experts with diverse skills and experience. This means they can handle a wide array of projects, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and roofing. Their team’s multifaceted expertise ensures that you receive comprehensive solutions for your home improvement needs. You can rely on a single contractor with the knowledge and resources to manage the various aspects of your project.

Streamlined Project Management

Managing multiple contractors for a home improvement project can be challenging. It involves scheduling, communication, and ensuring that each contractor aligns with the project timeline. Leading home remodeling contractors offer streamlined project management. They act as the central point of contact, handling all coordination and communication on your behalf. With a licensed general contractor at the helm, the different disciplines and project phases can take shape in the proper order and with each function, such as electrical and plumbing working together to save time and resources.


Hiring separate contractors for different tasks can lead to increased costs. Each specialist may have their overhead expenses, and managing multiple contracts can be time-consuming. Leading home remodeling contractors often provide cost-efficient solutions. They can offer bundled services, reducing overall project costs. Their experience in project management allows them to optimize resources and minimize waste, further reducing costs. Centralized management will also improve materials acquisition, and well-established home remodelers often receive quantity discounts, priority delivery, and other construction-related perks.

Consistency in Quality

Ensuring consistency in quality across various aspects of a home improvement project can be challenging when working with multiple contractors. Leading home remodeling contractors maintain high standards throughout the project. Their commitment to quality extends to all aspects, from the initial planning and design to the final touches. Similarly, if something goes awry during the project, the property owner has a central point of contact to discuss issues and solutions, eliminating “he said, she said” blame naming that inhibits getting things sorted out and back on track.

Accountability and Warranty

Accountability is essential when undertaking home improvement projects. Leading home remodeling contractors take responsibility for the entire project. If issues arise or if adjustments are needed, you have a single point of contact for resolution. Moreover, many reputable contractors offer warranties on their work, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected.

When it comes to home repairs and renovations, partnering with leading home remodeling contractors offers numerous advantages. Their expertise across multiple disciplines, streamlined project management, cost-efficiency, consistency in quality, and accountability make them a valuable one-stop contact for most home improvement needs.

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5 Construction Fields That are Coordinated by Home Remodeling Contractors

5 Construction Fields That are Coordinated by Home Remodeling Contractors - Mares & Dow

Home remodeling projects are complex endeavors that require the coordination of various construction fields to achieve a seamless and successful transformation. Home remodeling contractors act as the orchestrators of these projects, bringing together different specialists to ensure every aspect is executed with precision and care. From initial planning to final execution, home remodeling contractors play a pivotal role in coordinating multiple construction fields to deliver stunning and functional results.

1. Architecture and Design

Initial planning is the foundation of any home remodeling project. Home remodeling contractors work closely with architects and designers to understand the client’s vision and translate it into actionable plans. By effectively coordinating architecture and design, home remodeling contractors create a roadmap for the entire project, allowing each construction field to bring the vision to life.

2. Structural and Civil Engineering

Home remodeling contractors work hand in hand with structural and civil engineers to evaluate the feasibility of proposed changes and ensure they meet building codes and safety standards. Coordinating with structural and civil engineers allows contractors to identify any potential structural issues that may arise. Addressing concerns proactively, allows contractors to prevent delays and budget overruns, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.

3. Plumbing and Electrical

Remodeling projects often involve modifications to plumbing and electrical systems. Working with skilled plumbers and electricians, home remodeling contractors ensure that new fixtures, outlets, and appliances are properly integrated into the existing systems. Home remodelers oversee the installation of plumbing and electrical components, ensuring that everything is up to code and functions optimally.

4. Carpentry and Millwork

From custom cabinetry to intricate trim work, home remodeling contractors collaborate with skilled carpenters and millworkers to bring the design vision to life. Overseeing carpentry and millwork ensures that every detail is executed with precision and craftsmanship. Home contractors work closely with these experts to guarantee that the materials used are of the highest quality and that the finished elements complement the overall design.

5. Flooring and Tiling

Remodeling contractors collaborate with flooring specialists and tilers to select appropriate materials, patterns, and textures that match the design theme and meet the functional requirements. With oversight, home remodeling contractors ensure that the flooring and tiling work is carried out meticulously, leaving no room for errors. This results in flawless finishes that enhance the overall aesthetics of the remodeled space.

When your home remodeler is a licensed general contractor, you have the peace of mind that the entire project is being managed through a single point of contact, eliminating the need for scheduling multiple meetings with different field contractors. For a busy homeowner, this can make or break a complicated construction project, in addition to eliminating the stress of coordinating and scheduling the different phases of the job. 

By effectively coordinating architecture and design, structural and civil engineering, plumbing and electrical, carpentry and millwork, and flooring and tiling, home remodelers orchestrate every aspect of the project to achieve remarkable results. Their collaborative efforts not only ensure that the project stays on track and within budget but also deliver a home that reflects the client’s vision and exceeds their expectations.

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Should I Call Home Remodeling Contractors If Window Frame Leaks?

Should I Call Home Remodeling Contractors If Window Frame Leaks - Mares & Dow

The water appeared out of nowhere. Small puddles began to form on the windowsill, and then you noticed moisture accumulating on the floor under one of the windows. It seems the water has leaked from a faulty window frame, which begs the question, “Should I call home remodeling contractors if a window frame leaks?” The short answer is yes, you should call a team of home remodeling contractors to repair a faulty window frame.

Is the Window Under Warranty?

Windows typically include a warranty that covers repairs for a faulty product that lasts between three and 15 years. If your faulty window remains covered under a warranty, call the home remodeling contractors that installed the window to repair it. Sometimes, the manufacturer of a window issues a warranty, and if that is the case for your faulty window, call the manufacturer to assign a window installation specialist who holds the right certification for repairing your brand of window.

If the faulty window no longer is covered by a warranty, contact a home remodeling contractor that has established a proven record of experience and received a large number of positive customer reviews.

What Are the Signs of a Leaky Window Frame?

Like the other features of a house, windows sustain wear and tear over time. From the addition of a room to extreme weather such as powerful thunderstorms, a window sustains enough damage to compromise the structural integrity of the frame.

The key to fixing a leaky window frame is to detect the signs of damage before it becomes difficult, if not impossible to repair.

Water Accumulation

The most obvious sign of a leaky window frame is the accumulation of water, whether water appears on a windowsill or the floor. However, you have to be careful not to overreact because maybe someone left a window open by accident during a storm. If you come across a closed window where water has started to accumulate, you probably face the home improvement dilemma called a leaky frame.

Foul-Smelling Odor

Not every faulty window frame leads to the accumulation of water. When moisture penetrates a home and stays there for a prolonged period, the materials impacted eventually develop a distinct odor that means the growth of mold and mildew. If you smell a foul odor coming from the area surrounding a window, it usually means the frame has started to leak.


Although you might not see accumulated water around a window, you can still see the damaging effects of a faulty window frame. You might detect discoloration, such as a faded brown or yellow at first. As moisture continues to find its way inside your home, the fading colors can transform into much darker colors. Painting over the discolored areas near a window represents a temporary solution to a problem that requires a team of home remodeling contractors to address.

Visible Wall Damage

The damage caused by a leaky window frame often extends to an adjacent wall, especially if you do not detect the problem. Bubbling paint and/or wallpaper indicates damaged adhesive materials. When the damaged adhesive materials begin to dry, paint and/or wallpaper bubbles. Saturated drywall eventually sags to the point that it collapses. If you notice visible wall damage, you should act with a sense of urgency by calling a team of residential general contractors.

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4 Popular Tips From Home Remodeling Contractors About Room Additions

4 Popular Tips From Home Remodeling Contractors About Room Additions - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

Whether your family is about to grow or you simply need more space to entertain and store things, adding one or more rooms represents a great way to meet your goals, without you and your family having to move. You also benefit from an increase in the value of your property. However, adding one or more rooms represents one of the most complex home improvement projects.

With that in mind, let’s review four popular tips from home remodeling contractors about room additions.

Start Deep Into the Ground

Every home addition requires the stability of a strong foundation to support the new addition, which means you must match the floor and roof lines to establish foundational stability. The foundation should go deep enough to penetrate the frost depth established in your area. What should you do with the displaced soil?

The answer is to spread it over your property and build one or more retaining walls to hold the additional soil in place. A team of properly credentialed retaining wall contractors can help you build one or more retaining walls.

Match the Exterior and Interior Finishes

The new room addition should match the exterior and interior designs of your home. If your room requires an extension of the roof, make sure the room matches the roofline in terms of pitch, eave depth, and rafter size. Then, ensure the new room exterior matches the design of the siding and other types of exterior finishes. Finally, the design of doors, walls, and windows should match the interior of every other room in your house.

Establish the Budget

The cost of most improvement projects can be high, especially when it comes to adding a room. You can expect the cost of a room addition to be at least 10 percent of your home’s value. After you create a preliminary budget that you share with the general contractor, you must determine how you plan to fund the home remodeling project. Do you want to take out a second home mortgage? Do you have enough money saved to at least finance a part of the project? Do you need to apply for a loan to fund a substantial portion of the new room addition?

You can save money by completing a few do-it-yourself projects, but make sure not to risk compromising the structural integrity of your house.

Hire the Right Contractor

The key to hiring the right contractor for your new room addition is to ensure the contractor has built a positive reputation. Ask for professional references from past clients, as well as read the review left by former clients on sites like Yelp and Google. You should finalize the budget with the right general contractor, but leave a little wriggle room to account for unexpected costs such as those associated with project delays. Set up a way to communicate deadlines and schedules, and make sure you put the work schedules in writing to hold the general contractor accountable for completing the home remodeling project on time.

The right general contractor explains the permits and licenses you need to acquire for each phase of the project. You also should understand how to make your project comply with local building codes, as well as any restrictions placed on your property by the homeowner’s association.

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5 Professional Traits to Look For in Home Remodeling Contractors

5 Professional Traits to Look For in Home Remodeling Contractors - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

You have put a considerable amount of time into planning a home remodeling project. Now, the time has come to hire one of the best home remodeling contractors in the neighborhood where you live.

Remodeling a home requires a substantial financial investment, as well as an emotional investment that can be nerve-wracking unless you hire a reputable general contractor to oversee the entire project. A general contractor that has compiled an impressive number of positive online reviews is a good place to start when pruning your shortlist of candidates to manage your home remodeling project. The general contractor that you hire also should understand how to retain the charm of your home.

However, online reviews by themselves are not enough information for you to make the right decision regarding the hiring of a home remodeling contractor. You should consider five additional factors starting with a general contractor’s level of experience.


You can expect to hear the phrase “experience matters” when it comes to hiring one of the best home remodeling contractors operating in the Bay Area. However, it is not just the number of years that defines experience. A general contractor might have amassed 25 years of experience, but the experience consists of an inconsistent record of completing quality projects.

Experience matters when it involves a home remodeling contractor that has compiled a record of success completing projects similar to the one you have planned. For example, if your project is about remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms, you should consider one of the highly-rated home remodeling contractors that have experience completing the same type of project.

Professional Credentials

When you review the names of general contractors, you should see one or more abbreviations following each contractor’s name. The abbreviations represent the professional certifications awarded by national trade organizations. Professional certifications indicate a residential general contractor follows the code of ethics established by the organizations awarding credentials. Examples of professional credentials include Building Industry Association (BIA) and Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR).

Cost Versus Quality

Basing a hiring decision for a home remodeling contractor solely on cost often leads to the completion of a home remodeling project that displays shoddy workmanship. A low bid for a home remodeling project might mean a company uses inferior quality materials and/or has employed inexperienced trade professionals.

Although you do not want to exceed your budget, it is an equally unwise financial practice to base the choice for a home remodeling contractor on cost alone.

Complies with Regulations

The regulatory shortcuts a general contractor takes can lead to the shutting down of your home remodeling project. Instead of saving time by cutting corners, your project can either stall or end before all the work is completed. Every general contractor on your shortlist of candidates must possess the proper insurance certificates, including workers’ compensation and property damage coverage. Make sure the certificates are current, as well as meet the legal standards established by California law.

Understand the Project Management Process

Communication breakdowns represent the number one reason why home remodeling projects turn out bad for all parties involved. A reputable home remodeling contractor should work closely with you, which includes explaining in detail the project management process. You should come to an understanding of how to communicate, as well as how often to communicate. There also should be a clear plan to address unexpected project delays.

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Retaining Your Home’s Charm Through Your Remodel

Retaining Your Home’s Charm Through Your Remodel - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

You have spent a considerable amount of time planning for your home remodeling project. One issue that presents an obstacle for your home remodeling project involves deciding how to retain the charm of your house. Hiring a team of experienced and highly-rated home remodeling contractors should help you achieve your remodeling goals, while retaining the charm of your home.

Charm is one of several characteristics that define curb appeal, which is how neighbors and visitors to the neighborhood view the outside décor of your house. Charm also is an integral characteristic of the interior décor. If you have watched a house-buying show on HGTV, you understand the importance of retaining the charm during a remodeling project because of the value that charm adds to the price of your house.

How to Retain Your Home’s Charm

Before you start the home remodeling project, write down a list of everything that you love about your house. You also should ask for input from friends and family members to discover which features deliver the charm required to attract the interest of potential home buyers. Do you love the original woodwork that exudes a rustic ambiance? Does the hardwood flooring generate a sophisticated feeling? Is cedar siding that has been installed by siding contractors a strong selling point that delivers the charm factor? Other features that might be worth retaining during a remodel include pocket doors, crown molding, and original hardware.

Reasonable Expectations

After writing down a list of the most charming features of your home that you want to retain during a remodeling project, the next item on your to-do list should be to have reasonable expectations when determining which features should stay and which features have to go. Some charming features such as a fireplace or sliding bookcase might not be reasonable features to save for both design and budgetary reasons.

You cannot expect to keep every charming feature of your house during a remodeling project.

Think Addition, Not Subtraction

Saving the best features that help your home exude charm is not all about deciding which features you can afford to remove. You also should consider adding charming features during a remodeling project. In fact, a remodeling project represents the best opportunity for you to enhance the charm of your home. This is especially true for outdoor features, such as the installation of residential skylights and expanding the size of the garage.

Save the Light Fixtures

Certain types of light fixtures add a tremendous amount of charm and character, regardless of the change in the design of a room or a series of rooms. If you decide to complete an overhaul of a room, search for light fixtures that exemplify the era of the ambiance you want to project. Reproduction light fixtures represent charming additions to any room in your home.

Optimize the Charm of Window Treatments

Older homes include windows that have drapes or curtains that add charming panache. Your home does not have to be old for it to benefit from window treatments. Window treatments add a contemporary feel, without lessening the impact of charming windows. They also add beauty, color, and texture to a room.

Above all, be patient with a home remodeling project to ensure you do not overlook any features that should retain their charm.

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Signs Your Home has Foundation Damage

Signs Your Home Has Foundation Damage - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

The damage can be subtle or easy to detect. If you see the following signs your home has foundation damage, you need to act with a sense of urgency by scheduling an inspection with a team of licensed home remodeling contractors.

The foundation is the most important part of your house. It provides the structural support for the remaining elements of your home, protects the interior from moisture, insulates to generate heat, and resists movement to encourage structural stability. The failure of a home’s foundation can be caused by several issues, such as severe drought, plumbing leaks, and inferior condition of the soil.

Whether you are in the market for a home or plan to remodel your current house, you should understand how to notice the signs your home has foundation damage.

Cracks on the Exterior Walls

One of the easiest signs to detect a failing foundation is cracks along the exterior walls of your home. If you notice thin, small cracks forming close to the ground, you should schedule an inspection with a team of residential general contractors. Discovering large exterior cracks that move in a cross diagonal pattern might mean your home’s foundation has moved. Bricks that protrude from sections of your home require the immediate services of a highly rated team of home remodeling contractors.

Cracks on the Interior Walls

Cracks on the interior walls are much more common than cracks that develop on the outdoor walls of your house. If you notice interior wall cracks moving in cross diagonal directions, then you should hire a team of home remodeling contractors to inspect the foundation. Interior cracks that appear at the corners of door and window frames also might indicate a compromised home foundation.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors that appear on the first floor of your home represent a common sign of foundation damage. The foundation is either settling or shifting under your house. You can test for uneven floors by rolling a marble or golf ball over the surface of a floor. Although this is not the most scientific method to determine the shape of a floor, it does give you an idea of whether your foundation has deteriorated.

Moisture in the Basement

Moisture can develop in the basement for many different reasons. Clogged pipes discharge water and the washing machine has sprung a leak, which represent the two of the most common reasons why a basement develops moisture. However, unseen cracks in the foundation are the ideal path for water to take. The damp spaces you discover in the basement might include a foul odor that indicates the moisture has been around for a considerable amount of time.

Doors and Windows Do Not Shut Properly

This is a less obvious sign of foundation damage because doors and windows can get stuck for a wide variety of reasons. Nonetheless, if you are having trouble obtaining a clean close on a few doors and windows, an unstable home foundation can warp the shape of the frames. Contacting a highly-rated team of home remodeling contractors can determine whether tough-to-close doors and windows are a sign of foundation damage.

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Why You Should Retain Your Home’s Original Style During a Remodel

Why You Should Retain Your Home’s Original Style During a Remodel - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

Whether you plan to expand the kitchen or replace a worn-down roof, hiring a team of highly-rated home remodeling contractors is the key to getting the project done on time and within the home improvement budget. One of the common projects that is associated with a home remodel involves addressing changes to the exterior of your house. However, the urge to overhaul the exterior design of your home should be met with a reasonable approach to the project.

When the time comes to remodel your home, you want to make sure to retain its original style for several reasons.

Maintain the Current Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is difficult to assign a value to, but it plays a pivotal role in determining the attractiveness of your home to people that view it from street level. First impressions can make the difference between prospective homebuyers wanting to learn more about a property and simply driving away unimpressed with what they have seen from the outside of a house.

Dramatically changing or even adding subtle design touches to your home can diminish its curb appeal, which also is a prominent factor in calculating the value of a residential property. Homes that exude an attractive curb appeal, such as presenting a stylish exterior design, sell for an average of seven percent more than homes in the neighborhood that present unsightly landscaping or blemishes in the structure of a house.

Follow Homeowners Association Guidelines

If you live in a neighborhood that is managed by a homeowners association, you have to follow several guidelines that concern how you take care of your residential property. The primary goal of a homeowners association is to maximize the value of every residential property in the neighborhood. A dramatic change to the original style of your home can be a violation of the architectural style guidelines established by your homeowners association.

Most homeowners associations want to maintain a consistent appearance when it comes to exterior styles, which means changing your home’s architectural style might violate a guideline written into your homeowners association’s rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are typically listed in a document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R).

Follow the Local Building Code

In the United States, we enter a residential structure without worrying about the structural integrity of the property. This is because residential property owners must follow a local building code that protects the health and safety of everyone that enters a home. One of the ways a property owner can compromise the structural integrity of a house is to make significant changes to the original architectural design of the home.

Before you start on a home remodel project, make sure to create a plan for an exterior update that does not violate one or more of the rules written into the local building code.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners complete home remodel projects for several reasons, from enhancing the structural integrity of a residential property to making it stand out visually to everyone that passes by the property. One of the most effective ways to upgrade a home, without changing your home’s original architectural style, involves adding visually appealing siding. For example, hiring a team of siding contractors to install vinyl siding provides you with an affordable way to increase your home’s curb appeal, while retaining your home’s original architectural style.

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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Remodel

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Remodel - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

Remodeling your house might seem like a huge challenge, but as an experienced team of home remodeling contractors, we educate our clients about the benefits of completing a comprehensive home remodeling project. Let’s review the top 10 reasons you need a remodel.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether it is enhanced curb appeal or an improvement in function, remodeling a home can increase its value. You do not have to sell your home right away, but down the road, a comprehensive remodeling project should produce a significant return on your investment. 

Better Energy Efficiency

A home improvement project that includes the installation of one or more skylights should improve the energy efficiency of your house. Installing solar panels and a smart thermostat also delivers the eco-friendly benefit of improved energy efficiency.

Upgrade an Outdated Look

Maybe your house was one of the first structures built in your neighborhood or the entire neighborhood has a tired, lackluster look to it. Whatever the reason, a home remodeling project can usher in a new look while discarding the old, tired appearance.

Save Money

Investing in a remodeling project such as a new roof costs a considerable amount of upfront money, but on the back end, remodeling your home is much more affordable than buying a new house.

No Moving Stress

Outside of paying taxes, moving into a new home represents the most stressful event in our lives. You have to pack, unpack, and meet new neighbors. Remodeling your current house allows you to enjoy more stability, albeit the project itself might be a bit nerve-racking.

Recondition Your Property

You might not be able to restore your home to the exact condition it was when you first laid eyes upon it during an open house tour. However, working with the best home remodeling contractors can help you come close to restoring your house like it was 10, 20, even 40 years ago. Foundation repair represents one of many ways to recondition your house.

Stronger Security

By installing a security system, you immediately reap the benefits of a much more secure house. You also should consider installing newer, more secure windows, as well as replacing the current front door with one that is much sturdier.

Optimize Every Space

How you utilize the spaces inside your house plays an important role in determining the value of it. For example, if your house feels too crowded in some spaces, you can tear down one or more walls to add more space for entertaining guests.

Raise Your Comfort Level

A home improvement project should include taking a few steps to heighten the comfort of the entire family. From replacing an old heating and cooling system to changing out old furniture for new furniture, you can create a more comfortable living environment.

Changing Lifestyle

One of more of several factors can change your lifestyle. Whether your family is starting to grow or you and your spouse have become an empty-nest family, a home remodeling project can accommodate a change in lifestyle.

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Garage Conversion Ideas for 2022

Garage Conversion Ideas for 2022 - Home Remodeling Contractors - Mares & Dow

You have thought about how to maximize the spaces inside your home. Maybe add an entertainment room in the almost empty basement or create a living space outdoors to entertain guests. You probably have missed the best opportunity to maximize a living space, and it sits just a few feet away from one of the entrances to your home.

We’re talking about the garage.

A garage has more potential to optimize the living space in your house. The question is which of the many options make the most sense. Working with one of the highly-rated home remodeling contractors in the Bay Area can help you make the best choice for your home.

Here are a few popular ways to convert your garage in 2022:

Entertainment Center

You can convert your garage into a larger entertainment center than the one you have created inside your house. One of the greatest benefits of moving an entertainment center into the garage is you and your guests enjoy more privacy. You also limit the amount of noise, especially if you line the walls with soundproof materials.

Guest House

You can transform the garage into a stylish place that guests call home. Another idea is to build out a room for one of the members of your family who cherishes privacy. You no longer have to use blow-up mattresses on the living room floor or assign two guests to the same room. Maybe you simply want to get away from it all for a night or two. You can install skylights on the garage to let the sun create a brighter ambiance.

Fitness Center

Investing in fitness and exercise equipment typically pays off when you no longer have to pay monthly dues to remain in great physical condition. Where is the best place to set up a home gym? A spacious area such as the garage makes the ideal location for a home gym. You have more than enough room to add free weights and a weight machine, as well as aerobic equipment such as a treadmill and stationary bike.


Whether you work from home or simply get ahead of the work curve in a home office, you need a place where you can work without being disturbed by the activities around you. The garage gives you the space to build out a home office, while giving you the privacy you need to optimize your productivity. Make sure you waterproof the garage to protect your investment in electronic devices.

Lounge and Bar

Move the weekly poker game out of your home and into the garage. You can convert your garage into a mini-playground the includes a poker table and arcade games to keep your guests entertained. Adding a bar with a full selection of spirits is the final touch on creating the right ambiance for the lounge.

When the time comes to convert the garage, you have to create a budget that matches your vision for the conversion. The average garage conversion costs $14,400, with the size of the garage and what you plan to convert the garage into representing the two most influential cost factors. As far as timing, you can spend anywhere from four to six weeks turning your garage into a lounge, office, or guest house.

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