Why You Should Retain Your Home’s Original Style During a Remodel

Why You Should Retain Your Home’s Original Style During a Remodel - home remodeling contractors - Mares & Dow

Whether you plan to expand the kitchen or replace a worn-down roof, hiring a team of highly-rated home remodeling contractors is the key to getting the project done on time and within the home improvement budget. One of the common projects that is associated with a home remodel involves addressing changes to the exterior of your house. However, the urge to overhaul the exterior design of your home should be met with a reasonable approach to the project.

When the time comes to remodel your home, you want to make sure to retain its original style for several reasons.

Maintain the Current Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is difficult to assign a value to, but it plays a pivotal role in determining the attractiveness of your home to people that view it from street level. First impressions can make the difference between prospective homebuyers wanting to learn more about a property and simply driving away unimpressed with what they have seen from the outside of a house.

Dramatically changing or even adding subtle design touches to your home can diminish its curb appeal, which also is a prominent factor in calculating the value of a residential property. Homes that exude an attractive curb appeal, such as presenting a stylish exterior design, sell for an average of seven percent more than homes in the neighborhood that present unsightly landscaping or blemishes in the structure of a house.

Follow Homeowners Association Guidelines

If you live in a neighborhood that is managed by a homeowners association, you have to follow several guidelines that concern how you take care of your residential property. The primary goal of a homeowners association is to maximize the value of every residential property in the neighborhood. A dramatic change to the original style of your home can be a violation of the architectural style guidelines established by your homeowners association.

Most homeowners associations want to maintain a consistent appearance when it comes to exterior styles, which means changing your home’s architectural style might violate a guideline written into your homeowners association’s rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are typically listed in a document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R).

Follow the Local Building Code

In the United States, we enter a residential structure without worrying about the structural integrity of the property. This is because residential property owners must follow a local building code that protects the health and safety of everyone that enters a home. One of the ways a property owner can compromise the structural integrity of a house is to make significant changes to the original architectural design of the home.

Before you start on a home remodel project, make sure to create a plan for an exterior update that does not violate one or more of the rules written into the local building code.

The Bottom Line

Homeowners complete home remodel projects for several reasons, from enhancing the structural integrity of a residential property to making it stand out visually to everyone that passes by the property. One of the most effective ways to upgrade a home, without changing your home’s original architectural style, involves adding visually appealing siding. For example, hiring a team of siding contractors to install vinyl siding provides you with an affordable way to increase your home’s curb appeal, while retaining your home’s original architectural style.

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