Should I Call Home Remodeling Contractors If Window Frame Leaks?

Should I Call Home Remodeling Contractors If Window Frame Leaks - Mares & Dow

The water appeared out of nowhere. Small puddles began to form on the windowsill, and then you noticed moisture accumulating on the floor under one of the windows. It seems the water has leaked from a faulty window frame, which begs the question, “Should I call home remodeling contractors if a window frame leaks?” The short answer is yes, you should call a team of home remodeling contractors to repair a faulty window frame.

Is the Window Under Warranty?

Windows typically include a warranty that covers repairs for a faulty product that lasts between three and 15 years. If your faulty window remains covered under a warranty, call the home remodeling contractors that installed the window to repair it. Sometimes, the manufacturer of a window issues a warranty, and if that is the case for your faulty window, call the manufacturer to assign a window installation specialist who holds the right certification for repairing your brand of window.

If the faulty window no longer is covered by a warranty, contact a home remodeling contractor that has established a proven record of experience and received a large number of positive customer reviews.

What Are the Signs of a Leaky Window Frame?

Like the other features of a house, windows sustain wear and tear over time. From the addition of a room to extreme weather such as powerful thunderstorms, a window sustains enough damage to compromise the structural integrity of the frame.

The key to fixing a leaky window frame is to detect the signs of damage before it becomes difficult, if not impossible to repair.

Water Accumulation

The most obvious sign of a leaky window frame is the accumulation of water, whether water appears on a windowsill or the floor. However, you have to be careful not to overreact because maybe someone left a window open by accident during a storm. If you come across a closed window where water has started to accumulate, you probably face the home improvement dilemma called a leaky frame.

Foul-Smelling Odor

Not every faulty window frame leads to the accumulation of water. When moisture penetrates a home and stays there for a prolonged period, the materials impacted eventually develop a distinct odor that means the growth of mold and mildew. If you smell a foul odor coming from the area surrounding a window, it usually means the frame has started to leak.


Although you might not see accumulated water around a window, you can still see the damaging effects of a faulty window frame. You might detect discoloration, such as a faded brown or yellow at first. As moisture continues to find its way inside your home, the fading colors can transform into much darker colors. Painting over the discolored areas near a window represents a temporary solution to a problem that requires a team of home remodeling contractors to address.

Visible Wall Damage

The damage caused by a leaky window frame often extends to an adjacent wall, especially if you do not detect the problem. Bubbling paint and/or wallpaper indicates damaged adhesive materials. When the damaged adhesive materials begin to dry, paint and/or wallpaper bubbles. Saturated drywall eventually sags to the point that it collapses. If you notice visible wall damage, you should act with a sense of urgency by calling a team of residential general contractors.

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