Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Clever Upgrades That will Impress Guests

Spruce Up Your Kitchen with These Clever Upgrades That will Impress Guests - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

Your kitchen renovation is the sum of parts big and small, but when most homeowners think of their plans, their focus is fully on the big picture. Home remodeling contractors aren’t only in charge of installing new countertops, appliances, and VELUX skylights. They also assist with the finer details of remodeling, like the upgrades below.

Pot Rack

Do you or another family member spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food or cooking? A pot rack can free up cabinet space for kitchen tools and cooking ingredients, and add to the kitchen’s design. Your remodeler can install a hanging pot rack above your island counter, or on the wall above a wall-adjacent counter. Some pot racks are attached to shelves that can hold plants, spices, decor, or whatever else you need to give your kitchen a personal touch.

Pull Down Faucet

Have your remodeler install a sink faucet with a pull-down nozzle for convenient cleaning. These nozzles are more convenient than swivel heads and can free up a hand for washing dishes and the sink itself. You’ll be able to pull the nozzle out for up-close and angled washing. Many pull-down nozzles come with two stream settings you can toggle between for your convenience and preference: stream and spray.

Butcher Block Island Counter

Instead of installing an island counter with built-in cabinets, you could give the impression of more space without sacrificing storage room with a butcher block island counter. They can be designed in various ways, but typically have open-air storage cubbies or shelves. This helps make your small home feel less stuffy and more spacious. You could have closed-door drawers on two opposite sides, with open shelves lined up in the middle. You could have one shelf at the bottom and pull-out drawers underneath the surface. Ask your home remodeler for advice regarding the best countertop designs to choose from.

Spinning Spice Rack

Are you part of a spice-heavy family? Create an organization area for your spices by installing a spinning spice rack in a corner cabinet. The cabinet doors can be handleless so when pushed in, the carousel rotates to expose the shelves. You could purchase a spice rack from a department store, but built-in spice racks are sturdy and customized to accommodate your kitchen design.

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