The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home

The Best Locations for Skylights In Your Home - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

When you consider the options to increase the value of your home, you probably think about areas of your property that are located around you. For example, adding a flower bed at the front of your home represents an effective way to enhance curb appeal which we know directly impacts the value of your house. However, one of the most effective ways to boost the value of your home lies above you. We are talking about the roof of your house and the opportunity to have skylights installed by a highly-rated team of skylight contractors.

Residential skylights deliver several benefits for homeowners starting with introducing more light into your house. An increase in natural light improves the ambiance of your home, as well as the mood of everyone that lives in it. An increase in the amount of natural light also generates more warmth inside your home, which is an especially valuable attribute for homeowners who live in colder climates granted they install the right residential skylights that possess the insulation to trap heat. Residential skylights also reduce the need for windows, which gives you and your family much more privacy.

Although installing skylights delivers several benefits for homeowners, to maximize the many benefits you have to know the best locations for skylights in your home. We present a short list of the best spots to install skylights.


Your kitchen is the room inside your home that benefits the most from installing residential skylights. Additional light from a natural source strengthens the functionality of the kitchen by providing much more illumination to perform food preparation tasks such as peeling vegetables and slicing through raw meats. With the installation of one or more skylights in the kitchen, you can eliminate one or more windows to bolster the privacy enjoyed by you and your family. With fewer windows needed to welcome in the sun, you gain much more wall space to store items such as spices and cooking accessories.

If you opt for installing a couple of venting skylights, you can remove the scent of last night’s meal by increasing the amount of circulated natural air inside your house.

Dining Room

A team of experienced home remodeling contractors can install residential skylights to enhance the ambiance of the most social room inside your house, which is the place where you, your guests, and your family congregate to share meals. The dining room is the ideal room to increase the amount of natural light due to its relatively large size and the importance of maintaining an upbeat mood. Installing skylights also can help you illuminate attractive accessories such as paintings and sculptures. Increasing the flow of natural light in a high-traffic room like the dining room also generates more heat to ensure the comfort of everyone breaking bread together.

Living Room

Where do guests and family members go after spending time in the kitchen and dining room? The answer is the living room, which often represents the largest room inside of a house. Installing skylights improves the energy efficiency of a room that does the worst job of trapping heat because of its large size. If you install venting skylights, you can open up your home to more air circulation to increase the comfort of everyone relaxing on a chair or couch. More natural light accentuates the appearance of the décor of this high-traffic room, as well as allows you to remove one or more windows to ensure the utmost privacy for your family. Fewer windows open up more space in the largest room in your house.

Residential skylights installed in the living room also reduce moisture to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

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