What You Need to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home

What You Need to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

You already know why you want to remodel your home, whether to expand for a growing family, update a 20-year-old design, or change things up. But before you get quotes from home remodeling contractors, you should consider the following:

Building Codes and Homeowner Association (HOA) Guidelines

Homeowners frequently disregard building codes and guidelines when they brainstorm renovation plans. This often results in wasted time and heartache when their local government or HOA board rejects their proposed project. 

Before setting your mind on specific layouts, look up the codes and regulations for your residential zone—including HOA guidelines if you’re part of an association. Sample restrictions include not having enough property space for a room addition, limits on fence height, and an acceptable range of colors for your siding

Some HOAs have strict rules to preserve the aesthetics of a neighborhood, which could drastically impede your remodeling plans. However, don’t let that discount your interior remodeling. Home remodeling contractors can maintain your exterior’s appearance while completely transforming the inside.

Your Plans for the Future

How long do you plan to live in your home after remodeling? Do you predict your household will grow? If you’re planning for kids, long-term overnight guests like close friends or extended family, or additional pets, your remodeling should speak to it. If your household is thinning out, you could knock down walls to expand your rooms. You could convert an unused bedroom into an office, library, or even a workout room.

Do you expect to lease out or sell your house after enjoying it for a few years? Then consider adding amenities that will appeal to renters and buyers. For example, additional bedrooms and bathrooms will attract families, while a home with fewer but larger rooms might attract older couples.

The Overall Theme or Style

Your style will reflect in the flooring, wall paint, and ceiling pattern you choose, you’ll also need to choose how those materials look and which style suits your home. Home remodeling contractors specialize in structural designs and determining the best layout for your home, but interior designers can help you with the specifics of interior design.

Home remodeling contractors can still help you select materials ranging from decorative to durable to economical. Your remodeling contractor might already have a partnership with an interior designer. If not, you can ask if it’s possible to collaborate with an interior designer before finalizing the remodeling plan.

Your Project Budget

The materials you choose and whether you hire both a remodeling contractor and interior designer will impact your budget. In addition to paying your contractors, you’ll have to cover building materials, permits, and possible conditions that surprise you.

Also consider the after-installation cost, including utility bills. Environmentally-friendly choices, like skylights and large windows, can reduce your electricity bills by increasing your natural light.  Considering getting quotes for green builds, which focus on lowering your home’s carbon footprint.

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