The Allure of an Open-Air Kitchen

The Allure of an Open-Air Kitchen - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be entirely outdoors to be open air. Though many open-air concepts are outdoor kitchens separate from the home’s interior, home remodeling contractors can open your indoor kitchen to the outdoors in a variety of ways to meet your vision and budget.

Not convinced about a new kitchen? Read below to learn why other homeowners are opening their kitchens.

Makes your home spacious

A simple trick to make a home feel more spacious is by opening windows and doors. This extends the field of the vision, giving the impression of more space. Large windows can be slid open to extend the view and allow in breezy air. This makes your kitchen feel like a part of the outdoors, and thus larger. In this simple open-air concept, home remodelers can install multi-panel windows that open all the way.

For a more outdoorsy kitchen, a remodeler or general contractor can extend the exterior wall out to create some standing space and a slidable glass door. If you can push the wall out further, you can add a table, chairs, and a retractable awning.

Allows for more natural light

Whether an open-air designs are simple or intensive, it greatly increases a home’s light allowance. This makes the smallest kitchens appear larger because light chases away shadows. Even when an open-air kitchen is closed off, its windows or glass doors will let daylight through. Additionally, if your walls, countertops, furniture, and flooring are lighter in color, the extra light will bounce off.

Makes it easy to entertain guests

An open-air kitchen will entertain guests with little effort on your part. Simply open the windows and roll aside the doors. Guests can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about sitting in the sun or getting their feet dirty. For outdoor BBQs and parties, your kitchen can serve as a “take-out” window. It will be easy to hand out dishes and drinks, because you won’t need to go through the backyard door.

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