Does Your Kitchen Feel Too Small? Try These Design Tips

Does Your Kitchen Feel Too Small_ Try These Design Tips - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

The largest culprit of kitchens feeling small and congested is styling. The wall paint might be too dark and create the illusion of a shrunken room. There might not be enough lighting—natural or artificial—to chase away the shadows. The reasons can go on and on. Instead of trying to work around them to make your kitchen larger, you attack the problem head-on with the help of home remodeling contractors and the following design tips.

Style your kitchen with white and neutral colors

Dark backsplashes, cabinets, and countertops will make a small kitchen feel claustrophobic. Opt for light colors that seamlessly blend together. White is a go-to for designers and residential general contractors because of its reflective nature. Incorporate different shades and textures of white to give your kitchen a multi-dimensional feel. You can accent the white with soft, natural shades that make for smooth color transitions.

Be careful with strong color contrast because that can emphasize edges and shrink your kitchen. Typically, countertops and cabinets should be of the same color family, while walls and trim are of the same color. One exception is painting one wall a dark color to create the appearance of an alcove or nook.

Increase natural light

One of the most immediate fixes to make a kitchen appear larger is increasing the natural light. You don’t need to install new windows. Instead, keep your blinds open or install shades or window treatments that offer privacy without blocking out light. Natural light can also bounce off surfaces from the windows of adjacent rooms.

If you’re open to window renovation, a trend is to install a single, long skylight above your island counters or the center of the kitchen. Flooding a room with natural light will smooth out shadows and make it appear seamlessly expansive.

Draw the eye up and out

Open shelves, or shelf uppers, in place of wall cabinets will make your kitchen appear larger by exposing the backsplash. They might not offer the same storage space as traditional 24-inch deep cabinets, but a single wall can make a significant difference. If you need that extra cabinet space, you can remove the cabinet doors or use glass doors to give the impression of open space.

If you want to increase your storage space, you can install wall cabinets that stretch to the ceiling. It has a similar effect to open shelves or doorless cabinets. To maximize the height, use cabinets with hidden hinges, simple designs, minimalistic door pulls, and flat doors. 

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