Should You Add an Interior Archway to Your Renovation Plans?

Should You Add an Interior Archway to Your Renovation Plans? - home remodeling contractor - Mares Dow

Have you considered archways in your home remodeling plan? If you’re doing big renovations, such as redoing your kitchen or adding a room, why not add an archway while you’re at it? Home remodeling contractors can add archways to your walls, making an alcove to display a window or decor, or build arched doorways between rooms.

Reasons to consider adding an interior archway:

You want to highlight a specific room or area

Every home has a room or communal space that’s the highlight of the layout. If you don’t think you have one, ask yourself what area of your house makes you the most proud. Is it your living room where you enjoy entertaining your family and guests? Is it your kitchen, where your guests are always amazed by your cooking? Or is it an alcove where people can sit and relax during parties?

Wherever your pride is, remodeling general contractors can highlight it with an interior archway. Even without remodeling the room or space, an interior arch can make it appear extra special. This is because an arch can function as a framing device. Now, imagine combining an arch with a remodeling of the interior. Home remodeling contracts can make the arch complement the new layout in a striking way, such as giving the dining room an elegant touch.

Your home is small

An interior arch can make your small home feel less stuffy by expanding the space a regular door would take. A wide arch can open the wall, elongating your square footage and creating an open floor space. Your home can feel even larger if one side of the arch has access to plenty of sunlight, a natural component to shrinking shadows that make spaces feel smaller and cramped.

You want to complement your architectural style

There are four different types of arches, and each one complements a different architectural style. Knowing your home’s architectural style is one of several things you need to consider before remodeling your home. The four arches are semi-circle, soft, gothic, and bell curve.

Semi-Circle Arch

The semi-circle arch has a rounded top with a typically narrow walkway. They’re simple and modern, and look great when framing a window or door. They’re also great ideas for arched hallways.

Soft Arch

The soft arch is like an elongated semi-circle arch, as its entryway is wider and the curve is flatter. These arches are best for larger rooms, such as kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Gothic Arch

The gothic arch has a pointed center, similar to the dramatic arches seen in churches. They’re not as commonly used in houses, as their design can be a touch too dramatic for most architectural styles. But if you’re looking for added flair, they might interest you.

Bell Curve Arch

The bell curve arch has a rounded top with ends that swoop down and extend to the sides. The gentle swoop of the curve can accentuate rooms that appear rather ordinary, such as a living room with simple decor that doesn’t draw the eye.

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