Overlooked Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Resale Value

Overlooked Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Resale Value - home remodeling contractor - Mares & Dow

As a homeowner, you’ve entertained the possibilities of home renovation. Perhaps you’ve turned your imagination into reality, or like many others, renovation might be a wistful thought. If you’re skipping out because you don’t think it’s worth it in the long haul, you should reconsider.

Home renovation can benefit you now and in the future by increasing your home resale value. You’ll recoup most of the costs, and that’ll be after you’ve enjoyed them yourself. You can also get a lot out of your budget these days, especially working with experienced home remodeling contractors who make every penny work for their clients.

Here are a few overlooked home renovations that aren’t massive, but will increase your resale value:

New Entry Door

Overlooked Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Resale Value - home remodeling contractor - Mares & Dow

If you renovate only one aspect of your exterior, general contractors suggest you look at the entrance. Your front door is a major focal point when people visit your home. It serves both aesthetic and practical purposes, and shows off your home’s personality. With dual duties, it’s a good idea to make your front door appealing in style and functionally.

To appeal to a variety of buyers, find a midpoint between too ordinary and too outspoken. An easy way to find an appealing door is to consider the entirety of your home’s exterior. If you’re not changing the rest of the exterior, try to match the architectural design and complement the color scheme. Also try to fit durable materials into your budget, such as fiberglass or wood doors. If you’re on a budget, you can install steel doors.

If your listing date is unknown or far into the future, your entry door should be modern but timeless. Minimalist doors are a current trend that could last years, as they streamline the exterior design. These doors have clean lines and detailing to guide the eye along smooth patterns. Extravagant detailing with wood carvings are less trendy, and might fall out of favor years from now.

Bonus Room Conversions

Overlooked Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Resale Value - home remodeling contractor - Mares & Dow

Instead of spending a major chunk of your renovation budget on increasing your square footage, you can work with what you already have. An easy place to look is your bonus room. Is it currently a home office, guest bedroom, library, game room, or perhaps it’s a storage area for unorganized belongings. 

When it comes to attracting a wide range of buyers, you want the room to be as versatile as possible. Turn it into a bedroom that could be for family members or a guest. Generally, converting a bedroom into a home office doesn’t recuperate enough of the cost to justify the renovation. It’s more efficient to leave the wiring alone and work with the bonus room’s current amenities.

Repaint interior walls with neutral colors

Wall colors are a personal choice for all homeowners, but during the selling process, they should be a neutral color. This makes it easy for people to “color over” the current walls with their dream paint. For example, if your walls are painted a soft gray, buyers will have an easier time picturing what the walls will look like in another color. Bold colors like red and teal could distract and turn away buyers.

Another benefit of repainting is covering up scuffs and defects, turning your walls into a blank slate for future homeowners. For an added bonus, include white wall accents and trim to make your space appear wider. The illusion of extra space can make a small home feel less stuffy and add to your resale value.


Among the most overlooked home renovation features are skylights. Installing a single skylight in a strategic place of your home can make a room feel airy and expansive. Your square footage will feel much larger, increasing the price buyers are willing to pay. If you decide to add skylights, consider the following high-traffic areas: kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallway.

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