Garage Conversion Ideas for 2022

Garage Conversion Ideas for 2022 - Home Remodeling Contractors - Mares & Dow

You have thought about how to maximize the spaces inside your home. Maybe add an entertainment room in the almost empty basement or create a living space outdoors to entertain guests. You probably have missed the best opportunity to maximize a living space, and it sits just a few feet away from one of the entrances to your home.

We’re talking about the garage.

A garage has more potential to optimize the living space in your house. The question is which of the many options make the most sense. Working with one of the highly-rated home remodeling contractors in the Bay Area can help you make the best choice for your home.

Here are a few popular ways to convert your garage in 2022:

Entertainment Center

You can convert your garage into a larger entertainment center than the one you have created inside your house. One of the greatest benefits of moving an entertainment center into the garage is you and your guests enjoy more privacy. You also limit the amount of noise, especially if you line the walls with soundproof materials.

Guest House

You can transform the garage into a stylish place that guests call home. Another idea is to build out a room for one of the members of your family who cherishes privacy. You no longer have to use blow-up mattresses on the living room floor or assign two guests to the same room. Maybe you simply want to get away from it all for a night or two. You can install skylights on the garage to let the sun create a brighter ambiance.

Fitness Center

Investing in fitness and exercise equipment typically pays off when you no longer have to pay monthly dues to remain in great physical condition. Where is the best place to set up a home gym? A spacious area such as the garage makes the ideal location for a home gym. You have more than enough room to add free weights and a weight machine, as well as aerobic equipment such as a treadmill and stationary bike.


Whether you work from home or simply get ahead of the work curve in a home office, you need a place where you can work without being disturbed by the activities around you. The garage gives you the space to build out a home office, while giving you the privacy you need to optimize your productivity. Make sure you waterproof the garage to protect your investment in electronic devices.

Lounge and Bar

Move the weekly poker game out of your home and into the garage. You can convert your garage into a mini-playground the includes a poker table and arcade games to keep your guests entertained. Adding a bar with a full selection of spirits is the final touch on creating the right ambiance for the lounge.

When the time comes to convert the garage, you have to create a budget that matches your vision for the conversion. The average garage conversion costs $14,400, with the size of the garage and what you plan to convert the garage into representing the two most influential cost factors. As far as timing, you can spend anywhere from four to six weeks turning your garage into a lounge, office, or guest house.

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