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Skilled Foundation Repair for Your Lafayette, CA, Property from Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights, Inc.

Often the early signs of foundation damage can be quite subtle – perhaps you notice that your basement is more damp than usual, or that a crack or two has appeared in a previously smooth wall. In some cases floors may develop a new unevenness, or a door which previously fit within its frame smoothly begins to stick. If something is adrift with your foundations, prompt intervention isn’t just safer, it’s also almost invariably cheaper. When you spot any of the warning signs given above, or anything else that makes you think your foundations are deteriorating, get in touch and we can advise or undertake appropriate restorative work if necessary.

Foundation Repair Contractors with Plenty of Experience

We have been in business for more than thirty years, providing high-grade foundation repair solutions to property owners in and around Lafayette. Our company is committed to making sure you obtain an accurate diagnosis of the issues which are causing your foundation problems, as well as a suitable solution. Our skilled team is able to take on a wide range of restorative works, as well as fix the actual foundations themselves.

Full Range of Foundation Repair Services

Our company uses top-grade materials from premium manufacturers to achieve exceptional results every time. We frequently use Grip-Tite foundation products, which over the years we’ve found to yield great outcomes for our customers as well as being a good-value choice. We are certified installers for the Grip-Tite range, so you can trust us to do the job to a great standard.

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We feel it’s important that our customers have access to all the information they need for good decision-making when it comes to their foundation repairs. For this reason, we are happy to come out and complete a FREE, no-obligation quotation process on your property. To find out more or book one of our team members to come out and take a look at the problem, call us at (925) 671-9500 (East Bay) or (415) 447-6136 (San Francisco).

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