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Foundations are not only one of the most vital parts of any construction project, their lack of visibility means they are also likely to be one of the areas which are most often neglected. Particularly in older local properties, the stresses of earthquakes, temperature changes, freeze/thaw action and even vegetation can all result in foundations gradually deteriorating. If you’ve noticed any telltale signs that your foundations may be shifting, fast action is vital.

Leading Foundation Repair Contractors

As a seasoned team of foundation repair experts, we are ideally placed to fix any issues your foundations might have. Although many people think that replacement is going to be the only solution, we have plenty of repair options available that will give you the same, dependable outcome but for far less cost and disruption than a complete replacement.

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If you’re going to get the repairs you need, finding out the exact causes of the deterioration is important. Our skilled, experienced assessors are happy to come out and take a good look at the problems, accurately pin-pointing the nature of the issue and presenting you with clear choices for rectification. We customize our work to suit the needs of each property we work on, ensuring you enjoy great results that are right for your building’s needs.

Foundation Repair Services From Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights, Inc., Berkeley, CA

We use high-grade materials (including foundation products from the well-respected Grip-Tite brand) and a skilled, time-served workforce who understand the need for courtesy, consideration and punctuality as well as excellent work at every stage of the foundation repair process. To request your FREE estimate or for further information, call us at (925) 671-9500 (East Bay) or (415) 447-6136 (San Francisco).

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