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One of the challenges which many of our customers have is finding foundation repair contractors that actually specialize in foundations! Although we manage a variety of other remodeling, renovation and refurbishment projects, we can also offer more than three decades of experience in successfully resolving foundation problems of many different types. If you’ve noticed the tell-tale signs that your foundations could be in need of some work, we can complete the entire project for you, promptly, professionally and with great results.

Foundation Repair Experts

When they discover that there is a problem with their foundations, many property owners may feel that a costly total replacement is the only option. We disagree! Why not let our expert team of seasoned foundation repair professionals complete an assessment of the issue and come up with some no-obligation options to resolve the problems you’re experiencing? In many cases, waterproofing or the installation of a retaning wall is all that’s needed to resolve your foundation problems – why pay for an entire replacement if you don’t need it?

Foundation Repairs from Grip-Tite

Many of the products we use are sourced from the Grip-Tite range; experts in foundation solutions, Grip-Tite offers a dependable answer to many foundation repair problems. As certified Grip-Tite installers, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to install one of their systems exactly as required.

Local Foundation Repair Services in Danville, CA

Because we work on local properties, we have a good knowledge of the nearby geology, drainage issues and potential problems that earthquakes can cause here. This allows us to suggest foundation repairs we know are suitable and that we expect to result in firm, dependable foundations that will last a lifetime. To request your FREE estimate or find out more, call us at (925) 671-9500 (East Bay) or (415) 447-6136 (San Francisco).

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