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Realizing that your foundations may require some work can be alarming! Luckily, as a seasoned construction company, we are usually able to rectify the problem without the need for dramatic remodeling or total foundation replacement. If you suspect there is some sort of issue with your foundations, or a surveyor has indicated that there may be a problem, call us to arrange an inspection. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights, Inc. can come out, take a look, and give you some ideas on the best way forward.

Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation repairs are relatively common, as foundations are subject to a wide variety of different stresses – from the effects of poor drainage and dampness through to cyclical temperature changes and the incursion of tree roots, there are plenty of circumstances in which foundations are put under stress. We are able to accurately diagnose what the problem is, then suggest a suitable option for putting things right. Our priority is always to offer high-grade, reliable information on the situation and provide cost-effective solutions.

Full Range of Foundation Repair Services

With more than thirty years of successful trading behind us, we are ideally placed to complete your foundation project to the very highest standard. Our meticulous approach, attention to detail and competent, dedicated workforce maximizes the chances of every part of your project going smoothly. There’s no need to find a variety of different tradespeople to take on the variety of tasks needed – we can organize all that for you, as well as make sure the job is completed within budget and on time.

Orinda, CA, Foundation Repair Contractors

If you suspect that your foundations may require attention, we can help. Our dependable, professional team can complete jobs of all shapes and sizes, quickly, properly and for a very affordable price. To find out more about our services or request a FREE quote, call us at (925) 671-9500 (East Bay) or (415) 447-6136 (San Francisco).

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