Fiber Cement Siding: What You Need to Know

Fiber Cement Siding- What You Need to Know - siding contractor - Mares Dow

Home remodeling contractors and siding contractors alike tend to favor cement siding above all others, especially when they work with a homeowner who wants to balance affordability with durability. Fiber- cement siding is a dependable mix of cement and cellulose fibers that is sturdy, low maintenance, and can fit into countless homeowner aesthetics.

Before you select fiber cement as your siding material, you’ll want to know a few other details.

Fiber cement is resistant to pests and fire

As your first line of defense against pests, siding quality and material can make all the difference in protecting your home from an invasion. If pests break through your siding, they can make a feast of your home’s wooden structure. Fortunately, fiber-cement siding makes it a lot harder for pests to find gaps or make their own entrances. They’ll give up and move on to other less durable materials, like wood siding or low quality siding with bulges or gaps that provide easy access.

If your home is surrounded by greenery or in an area heavily populated with pests and wildlife, fiber siding is a perfect choice to keep your home secure. You’ll get double the protection if you’re in a woodland area that’s susceptible to wildfire, because fiber cement is also fire resistant.

Fiber cement accommodates all house styles

Whether your home has the rugged put-togetherness of a Craftsman or the feminine touch of a Victorian, its architectural beauty will only stand out further with fiber cement siding. Fiber cement comes in all color shades, and various shapes and textures.

For homes that are short and lower to the ground, fiber cement vertical siding can create the impression of height. Homes that are narrow can appear longer with fiber cement horizontal siding. And homes that are looking for a unique touch can use fiber cement shingles or textured panels, which can create modern or timeless designs.

A contractor favorite is James Hardie fiber cement siding

When it comes to quality, James Hardie is the go-to for fiber cement siding. In fact, its fiber cement horizontal siding is the most popular brand in North America. Contractors trust James Hardie for its extensive array of options—from colors to textures to shapes—and its proven ability to withstand extreme climate and fire, and still look fantastic years after installation. James Hardie also has an excellent blend of quality and affordability so homeowners can keep within their budget.

Mares & Dow specializes in fiber cement siding

Contact the siding contractors at Mares & Dow Construction and Skylights today to discuss whether fiber cement siding is the best fit for your home. With over 40 years of experience, we offer the best in residential and commercial siding installation.

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