Best Siding for High Speed Wind Zones

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When you think of high-wind zones in the United States, the first thought that pops into your head might be the image of a raging hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast states. From the southern tip of Texas to the coast of Maine, hurricanes, tropical storms, and classic Nor’easters can cause plenty of damage to a home. However, the heart of the wind tunnel in the United States sits smack over the heartland, from Wichita, Kansas to Cleveland, Ohio and from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Dallas, Texas. If you live in a high-speed wind zone, what is the best siding to withstand Mother Nature’s fury?

Our team of siding contractors has the answer.

What Type of Siding Withstands High-Speed Wind Zones?

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding represents one of the most popular choices for siding in the United States, but does vinyl do a good job of retaining its structural integrity during high-wind events such as a derecho or tornadic outbreak? According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), vinyl siding should withstand winds that reach as high as 110 miles per hour in addition to the heavy rain associated with a supercell thunderstorm. However, many high wind events such as the recent South Dakota derecho generate winds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

Wood Siding

Wood siding typically is a bit stronger than vinyl and asphalt siding, but is the small increase in support enough to withstand the power of a Category 3 hurricane that strikes the Florida coast near Miami? The answer is wood siding does not qualify to be named the best siding for high-speed wind zones. It might not withstand the force of a standard Pacific Coast storm that rolls into the Bay Area at least one time every winter.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you polled homeowners in hurricane zones, fiber cement siding hands down wins the contest for the best siding for high-speed wind zones. In fact, fiber cement siding is code-compliant for even the strictest standards established by state and local governments for residential projects. Although the investment in fiber cement siding is higher than it is for wood and vinyl siding, the long-term savings comes in the form of a much longer lifespan, even if a home feels the brunt of an unusually high number of major wind events.

In addition to the durability of fiber cement siding when it comes to withstand extremely high winds, this type of siding also comes in a wide variety of colors to enhance the visual appeal of a home. Not only does fiber cement siding withstand high-speed winds, but the siding also is fireproof and waterproof. Another benefit of installing fiber cement siding is you can acquire the material when buying soffit, backer board, and trim options. This allows you to prepare a comprehensive hurricane plan by adding more hurricane-resistant exterior features.

Working with an experienced team of home remodeling contractors can help Bay Area homeowners install fiber cement siding before the next Pacific Coast storm barrels into San Francisco.

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