Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Benefits of Vinyl Siding - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

When the time comes to consider home remodeling projects, working with an experienced team of siding contractors can help boost the value of your house without you having to bust the home improvement budget. As with adding a retaining wall, installing vinyl siding delivers several aesthetic and functional benefits that generate a healthy return on your investment. Although updating the siding on your house might not seem as worthwhile as other home remodeling projects such as installing a marble island in the kitchen, the benefits of installing vinyl siding make the investment one of the most impactful investments you can expect to make.

Let’s review a few of the benefits that are associated with adding vinyl siding to your home.

Rugged Durability

Vinyl siding takes the strongest punches from Mother Nature and remains in mint condition. Whether it is large hailstones or heavy winds, vinyl siding does not compromise its structural integrity. Vinyl is moisture resistant, which prevents rotting from diminishing the value of your house. Moisture does not warp vinyl siding to keep the sleek material intact for years to come. Because of its superior durability, manufacturers of vinyl siding often offer a lifetime warranty or a prorated 50-year warranty for successive homeowners.

Requires Little Maintenance

Although the cost of installing siding should be a factor in deciding whether to choose vinyl as the material for a siding installation project, you also need to consider the cost of maintaining siding throughout its lifespan. Vinyl siding represents the lowest cost siding option for homeowners because it requires little effort to keep vinyl siding looking like it is in pristine condition. All you have to do is to clean the siding material one time every year, which does not require the services of a professional cleaning service.

Cost Effective

As one of the most experienced home remodeling contractors in the Bay Area, Mares & Dow recommends vinyl siding because it is a cost-effective material that helps you get more for your money than any other type of siding material. Installing vinyl siding is cheaper than other siding material options. The greatest financial benefit of adding vinyl siding to your home is the material can save you a substantial amount of money on heating and cooling bills. Vinyl siding prevents the loss of heat because of a scientific process called thermal bridging, which acts as a protective blanket over wall studs that allow heat to escape from a home.

Easy Installation

One of the reasons why vinyl represents the best option for siding is it is easy to install. Vinyl is not heavy and in most cases, it comes with drilled holes that allow a home improvement contractor to attach this type of siding to wall studs. Installing other types of siding can lead to a long installation process that costs you more money. Although installing vinyl siding is easier than installing other types of siding, we encourage you to hire a properly credentialed home remodeling company to complete the project for you.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Adding vinyl siding can improve the appearance of your home, which often increases the value of your home as well, Whether you plan to sell your house or simply want to make it worth more as the most significant asset in your portfolio, installing vinyl siding makes your home’s exterior stand out in the neighborhood for all the right reasons.

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