Why Skylights Are an Excellent Addition to The Homes of Plant Lovers

Why Skylights Are an Excellent Addition to The Homes of Plant Lovers - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

If you love cultivating plants, finding the right house to usher in plenty of sunlight is just as important as the rest of a home’s layout. Plant lovers that do not have a sufficient number of windows to welcome in the sun turn to the best skylight contractors for access to natural light. Installing skylights represents an affordable way to nourish your plants, as well as increase the value of your home.

What Are the Types of Skylights?

You have three common types of skylights that increase the amount of sunlight that comes into rooms throughout the day.


Referred to by many skylight contractors as traditional skylights, fixed skylights offer a view of the sky and direct sunlight for your plants. You can add shades to modify the amount of light let into a room, as well as create a stable temperature for your plants. Fixed skylights are the most effective way to invite the sun into a room that desperately needs natural light.

Sun Tunnel

Often called tubular skylights, Sun Tunnel skylights come with a lens that mounts on a roof. The lens connects through a reflective aluminum tunnel that attaches to a diffuser installed on a ceiling. Sun Tunnels generate illumination that looks like spot or recessed lighting.

Fresh Air

You can find this type of skylight as a solar or electric-powered way to brighten up the room you have dedicated to growing and cultivating plants. The skylights open by using a remote control device or an app you downloaded to a Smartphone. Rooms that require more sunlight and fresh air, such as the kitchen or a bathroom, benefit greatly from a Fresh Air skylight.

What is the Biology Behind the Connection Between the Sun and Skylights?

When one of our home remodeling contractors meets with you to discuss your plan to provide your plants with more sunlight, you should understand the scientific principle that links plants and sunlight. Plants absorb energy from the sun and then convert the light into energy by going through a process called photosynthesis. Plants that absorb a significant amount of sunlight typically experience the greatest growth spurts. The ability of plants to convert sunlight into beneficial energy remains one of the most fundamental scientific principles.

What Are Some More Reasons Why Skylights Are an Excellent Addition to Your Home?

Turning a cold, dark room into a warm vibrant room is just one of several reasons why skylights make sense for plant lovers. Adding sunlight also benefits the occupants of a home by naturally warming it up. Instead of turning up the thermostat, you install skylights to generate the warmth you need to stay comfortable during the colder months of the year. Improved ventilation enhances the health of you and your family by getting more fresh air into every room. The stylish appearance of many styles of skylights can increase the aesthetic appeal of your house, which comes in handy when you sell it. Natural views of the sky and the surrounding natural attractions can make a room seem much bigger.

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