What are Wood Retaining Walls?

What are Wood Retaining Walls - retaining wall contractors - Mares & Dow

Building a wood retaining wall represents one of the most impactful home remodeling projects that increases the value of your property. As long as you hire one of the best retaining wall contractors, you should benefit from a visually appealing addition to your property that also delivers exceptional functional value.

A wood retaining wall reshapes the slopes on your property to develop level areas for decks, gardens, driveways, and play areas. Wood is an especially helpful material for a retaining wall to prevent soil and vegetation from moving up to your house.

Using masonry blocks or even a thick type of timber can make a retaining wall project difficult because of the heavy materials. If you want to build a retaining wall that is not relatively tall, you can use lighter, pressure-treated timber.

What Are the Benefits of Building a Wood Retaining Wall?

In addition to increasing the value of your house as part of a home remodeling project, adding a wood retaining wall delivers several other benefits


Because wood is a 100 percent natural product, it is more affordable than other types of materials used to construct a retaining wall for a residential project. Another cost-effective benefit is you can paint and repaint timber if you want to change the color and design of a retaining wall.

Rugged Durability

If you properly treat and maintain wood, building a retaining wall with timber can provide you with a home improvement project that can last more than 20 years. With a lifespan extending more than two decades, you do not have to rebuild as much, which is another cost-effective benefit of constructing a wood retaining wall.

Prevents Erosion

The primary purpose of building a retaining wall is to maintain the slopes on your property. A wood retaining wall is highly effective at keeping slopes in place, which keeps your lawn looking visually appealing throughout the year. You do not have to take special measures to prevent your soil and garden from washing away.

The Level Effect

If you have one or more of your lawn that is not useful for any reason, constructing a retaining wall can transform an unused section of your property into a garden or play area. The leveling effect of a wood retaining wall increases the value of your property because you create more usable space.

Faster Construction

If you choose lighter timber, you benefit from completing a wood retaining wall project faster than if you use heavier materials. Even with heavy wood, you do not have to mix mortar or concrete. Using lighter wood allows you to build a shorter than average retaining wall that saves you time during construction.

Rustic Charm

With wood and the treated timber sleepers used to construct a retaining wall, you create a charming, rustic ambiance that makes your property stand out in the neighborhood. Building a wood retaining wall produces a home remodeling project that adds decorative panache to your property.

Before you start a wood retaining wall project, discuss it with one of our home remodeling experts to ensure you use the right materials. You have the option of using timbers, railroad ties, post and panel wood, pressure-treated wood, and possibly a combination of the materials.

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