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Unique Daylight Solutions with VELUX SkyMax Skylights

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VELUX SkyMax skylights are an innovative skylight solution that provides stunning design and exceptional function for properties of all kinds. They make it possible to enjoy larger skylights without compromising thermal efficiency.

The team at Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights can install VELUX SkyMax skylights to improve your property's beauty and energy efficiency.

Expansive Natural Light

The primary benefit of SkyMax skylights is their greatly increased size compared to standard skylights. They have the capability to cover up to 32 square feet, spanning 10 feet in the longest dimension. This is approximately double the maximum you could find with most other skylight solutions.

The increased area of VELUX SkyMax skylights makes them a uniquely effective daylight solution. Installation is more straightforward than going with multiple smaller skylights, providing interior daylight lighting in the most streamlined and aesthetic way possible.


Advanced Design and Durability

SkyMax skylights incorporate a variety of advanced features to improve durability and function. The unique inclusion of a condensation channel eliminates the risk of leaks without having to rely on weep holes. This makes the skylights more reliable and easier to maintain.


The durable vinyl frame is reinforced with aluminum for lasting strength. The durable enamel finish is available in a wide range of colors, with other finish options available. Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights can provide SkyMax skylights to match the style of any property.

Find Your Custom Skylight Solution

With VELUX SkyMax, you have access to an extensive range of unique designs for large-format skylights. You can reach out to the experienced team at Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights to start discussing your options and get an estimate on your skylight installation.




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