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Are you in the Oakland, CA area and interested in skylights for your residential, commercial, academic, or industrial location? Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights offers skylights in a variety of styles for commercial and residential customers. We have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction and relationships with what we believe are the best names in the skylight industry. We would be happy to help you review options for residential skylights or commercial skylights. And then we can handle your installation, too.

Benefit from Skylights in Your Oakland, CA Home or Business

Skylights look phenomenal and can be great for bringing in warmth both from a temperature as well as an ambience perspective. And beyond getting sunlight inside through your skylight, a large number of our customers love the ability to point their telescope or even just their eyes at the skies at night.
We specialize in residential skylights as well as commercial skylights and would be happy to quote on your project.

Residential and Commercial Skylight Installation

Our team has a great reputation for commercial and residential skylight installation. We have more than three decades of experience and are a reputable skylight installation company with relationships with Velux Skylights and Velux Sun Tunnel skylights as well as Bristolite skylights. We are a Velux 5-star Skylight specialist offering Energy Star Certified products.

Skylights in Oakland

Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights serves Oakland, CA and the surrounding area with skylights and more. We also do a wide variety of home remodeling projects as well as foundation repair. We look forward to talking to you about skylights or other home improvement projects.

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