Skylights in Alameda, CA

Commercial and residential skylight installation is available in Alameda, CA from Mares & Dow Construction Inc. We offer Velux and Wasco skylights in a variety of styles. If you’re ready for a skylight in your home or office, schedule your estimate with us. We would be happy to help you learn more about how new skylights can transform the space they are installed in. We can do replacement skylights, too.

Skylights: Beauty and Functionality

A Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight can offer a variety of benefits. It can bring additional light into your space. It could be the only source of natural light for a hallway or a closet. It can lower your energy consumption as it can eliminate the need for artificial light during the day as well as using the power of the sun to bring warmth into a space. People need sunlight in their lives and bringing the sunlight indoors can have a positive impact on mood, energy levels, and resulting productivity. We have seen an increase in skylight installation for Alameda area homes and businesses and for educational institutions, too.

If you have older skylights, you should know that newer options offer better energy ratings as well as extensive warranty. Today’s options can even include venting, to bring the fresh air in as well. Mares & Dow Construction Inc offers residential skylight installation as well as commercial skylight installation in the Alameda and surrounding area and would be more than happy to offer you a quote as well as help you learn more about the wide array of options for skylights, including sun tunnels that bring light to a main floor directly from a roof.

Choose Mares & Dow Construction Inc for Skylights in Alameda, CA

Why choose Mares & Dow Construction Inc for residential and commercial skylights and skylights installation in the Alameda area? We have over thirty years of experience and are a Premier Velux 5-star provider offering variety of home renovation services in addition to premier Velux 5-Star skylights. We sell Velux Skylights as well as Wasco Skylights and are highlighted as a premier provider for the Velux line with a 20-year guarantee on the skylights and 10-year guarantee on our installation services. Talk to us today about your skylight dreams and we can help make them a reality.

Mares & Dow Construction is the preferred contractor for Skylights in Alameda, CA.

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