Skylights Walnut Creek CA

If you are in the market for skylights, Mares & Dow Construction can Inc help. We offer commercial skylights as well as residential skylights. In addition to selling skylights to Walnut Creek, CA homes and businesses, we also do installation. As installers of both velux skylights as well as Wasco skylights in a selection of styles, we know you’ll be thrilled with your new skylight.

Skylights: Beautifully Lit Rooms

Walnut Creek businesses and residences who want to benefit from natural light, the great energy ratings of today’s skylight models, as well as the convenience of remote controls, venting, solar-powered blinds, and other options should call us for more information. Free estimates can help you explore the many options available for Walnut Creek homes and businesses.

Want more natural light? Talk to us about Solar-powered Fresh Air Skylights. Interested in opening up the space you have? Skylights can do great things. Artificial light works but doesn’t give you Vitamin D and a lightbulb might be the symbol for an idea but it doesn’t do nearly as much to spark inspiration / creativity as a look at the sky does.

We do new skylights and we can replace old skylights too. Your old skylight might leak, might have glass that looks old and etched. It could be that you want to add venting or blinds on a remote control. Mares & Dow Construction Inc can even help you with tunnel skylights for non-traditional spaces. We serve the Walnut Creek and surrounding area and in addition to skylights we also provide a variety of home renovation services to homes, businesses, government and educational facilities throughout this part of California. Our skylights come with a 20-year warranty with ten years on our installation services.

Choose Mares & Dow Construction Inc for Skylights in Walnut Creek, CA

When you choose to work with Mares & Dow Construction Inc for residential and commercial skylights as well as installation of those skylights, you get the benefit of working with a company with more than 3 decades of expertise and a proven track record of satisfied customers. Velux skylights don’t allow just anyone to display their logo but our longstanding reputation in the area and the industry, as well as our extensive team expertise in working with these beautiful skylights, has helped us achieve a strong partnership with Velux.

If you want skylights in Walnut Creek, CA please call us today.


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