Top Reasons that Installing Commercial Skylights is a Company Investment

Top Reasons that Installing Commercial Skylights is a Company Investment - Mares & Dow

The management teams at most businesses have historically viewed commercial skylights as a luxury. In other words, they viewed commercial skylights as an amenity that if any money remained in the budget at the end of a fiscal year, some of the remaining money might go to installing skylights. Management teams now view commercial skylights much differently, as they represent the present, not the future of modern commercial buildings for companies that want to remain highly competitive. Installing commercial skylights is now considered a company investment.

Let’s review the reasons why.

Investment in Employee Well-Being

Several studies have demonstrated that prolonged exposure to artificial light sources can be detrimental to a worker’s physical health. A study conducted by Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands revealed too much exposure to artificial light decreases muscle mass, weakens the immune system, and accelerates the aging process. Too much exposure to artificial light also disrupts sleep patterns, as well as increases the risks associated with health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Another study that involved more than 1,600 employees concluded an abundant source of natural light can enhance the health of both customers and employees.

Investment in the Environment

You do not need to review a study that shows artificial lights consume a considerable amount of energy. Just look at the energy bills your company receives each month. The Energy Information Administration released a report stating residential and commercial structures consume more than six percent of all the electricity generated in the United States. Installing commercial skylights should dramatically reduce the consumption of energy by artificial light sources.

Increasing sunlight while reducing artificial lighting lowers your company’s carbon footprint, which is a substantial investment in the environment.

Investment in Worker Productivity

Sufficient lighting of any kind in an office space typically leads to higher productivity levels. Illumination triggers the pleasure sensory neurotransmitters that run throughout the brain. However, installing commercial sunlights does a much better job of motivating employees due to the sensory stimulation of getting to see, hear, and smell nature that is just outside the building. Fully enclosed office spaces produce a much more subdued, even depressing ambiance that stifles worker productivity.

Venting skylights do a great job of bringing your team members closer to nature.

Investment in Saving Money

The timeless business axion of “You have to spend money to make money” applies to installing commercial skylights. Although the initial investment is higher for installing commercial sunlights than it is for adding artificial light sources, the long-term result of installing commercial skylights is that your company saves considerably more money. This is because you do not have to maintain the infrastructure created for artificial light sources and the reduced consumption of energy means your business pays less in utility bills.

Installing Velux commercial skylights is an effective investment in saving money.

Investment in Aesthetics

Here is another timeless business axiom: “You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.” What is the first impression that clients or customers have when they step into your building? If the first impression is the attractive presentation of skylights in the lobby, then the first impression received is that your company is committed to offering high-quality products and services.

Investing in commercial skylights also is an investment in creating aesthetic appeal.

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