How to Clean Your Skylights

How to Clean Your Skylights - skylight contractor - Mares Dow

While wall windows should be cleaned every one to two months, skylights should be cleaned at least once every year. If possible, aim to clean your skylights once every three to four months. If your skylight contractors didn’t give you cleaning instructions specific to your skylights, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions or those in this post.

Set up your work area with the appropriate equipment

Skylights can be difficult to reach without ladders or scaffolding. For your own safety, please consider using fall protection, such as harnesses and hard helmets, in addition to following your equipment guidelines. Your skylight contractors might also have specific advice for your layout.

Gather your cleaning materials

You’ll need a soap and water solution, a non-abrasive glass cleaner and applicator (such as a soft brush), a squeegee, and a damp lint-free cloth. If your skylights can vent and have insect screens, you should also have a dry towel and a garden hose available outside.

Clean your skylights following these steps:

  1. Start at the topmost section of your skylight and work your way down to avoid dirt and debris from traveling down just-cleaned areas
  2. Soak the glass with your soap and water solution
  3. Clean the glass with your non-abrasive applicator and glass cleaner
  4. Immediately squeegee away the glass cleaner
  5. Clean the skylight frame with your damp lint-free cloth, using the soap and water solution on stubborn dirt
  6. For venting skylights that are electrically operated, turn the power off at the breaker box after the skylight is open and wipe a dry towel along the chain
  7. Remove the insect screen and spray it outside with your garden hose
  8. Replace the insect screen after it’s completely dry

Important cleaning practices:

Take care to avoid touching the metal parts of your equipment to the glass, and don’t use scrapers, knives, or other abrasive tools. Skylight glass is durable to withstand climate, but it’s vulnerable to damage from sharp materials.

While cleaning, look for these signs you need skylight replacement:

  • Scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged glass
  • Water damage along the edges of the glass (damp ceiling, peeling paint, mold growth, etc.)

Reach out to your local skylight contractors for repairs and replacement

Contact the skylight contractors at Mares & Dow Construction and Skylights today for help with replacing your old skylights with the latest VELUX models. With over 40 years of experience, we offer the best in skylight installation.

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