5 Ways New Skylights Will Expand Your Business

5 Ways New Skylights Will Expand Your Business - commercial skylight - Mares & Dow

Commercial skylights are not only beautiful, but create a positive and pleasant work environment as well.  There are also several energy-efficient styles to choose from, so you can’t go wrong. As many studies show, natural lighting benefits not only employee wellness, but company growth, too!

So why, exactly, are commercial skylights a great option for your business? 

  1. Increased Productivity: It’s true. Well-lit spaces foster productivity, and commercial skylights provide just that. Imagine working in a dull, dim office; it sounds like a recipe for fatigue. Instead of promoting nap time, encourage efficiency. Natural lighting enhances mood, creates a cheerful environment, and even reduces eye strain. Employee wellness should be a priority, and by investing in natural light, you’re showing your employees you care.  
  2. Improved Mood: There’s no doubt about it, sunlight is a mood enhancer. It’s proven to increase the release of serotonin, aka the “happy hormone”. Responsible for regulating mood, Serotonin can decrease anxiety, improve focus, and support an overall pleasant state. Happy employees make happy customers!
  3. Welcoming and Bright: Dark and dingy, or bright and cheerful? Sounds like a rhetorical question, right? The latter creates a more inviting atmosphere for employees and clients alike. Spaces look larger, and rooms appear more open. (Hint: there’s a reason homeowners opt for light paint!) 
  4. Higher Resale Value/Lease Potential: Natural light is a hot commodity that comes at a cost. Brightening things up using skylights can not only make your space appear larger, but also make it a sought-after property. Think it’s a sham? According to New Day Office, properties with ample natural lighting can lease for $2-$4 more than their dark alternatives! 
  5. Cost-Efficient: Allowing an abundance of natural light to flow through, this is often reflected in decreased electrical bills. Buildings equipped with skylights luck out with natural heat, and light without having to flip a switch! It’s also worth noting, Mares Dow uses only the highest-quality materials when installing commercial skylights. With their impenetrable water barrier, you can be confident that the skylight product you receive can stand up to the elements. 

If you’re ready to transform your space and experience the advantages of natural light, commercial skylights are a fantastic addition. Remember, you can’t put a price tag on employee satisfaction. As productivity grows, so does your business. 

Contact your trusted contractors at Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights today to discuss the advantages of commercial skylights. With over 40 years of experience, you can feel confident you’re choosing the best in business.

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