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Enjoy the Spring Breeze With Venting Skylights

Enjoy the Spring Breeze With Venting Skylights - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

Did you know a team of skylight contractors can welcome spring into your home or office?

The signs of spring are beginning to appear everywhere. The days have grown longer, birds have started to arrive from their winter homes, and even flowers have started to bloom in areas of the Northeast. Installing any of the different types of skylights represents an effective way to boost the ambiance of your home and office, as well as help you save money on energy bills. However, is there a type of skylight that does more than welcome the warmth generated by natural sunlight?

The answer is yes, and it comes in the form of venting skylights.

What is a Venting Skylight?

A venting skylight opens to encourage the circulation of fresh air inside a home or office space. A continuous hinge helps you calibrate how much space you want to create. You can install venting skylights on almost every type of roofing material, even the glass used to construct greenhouses and sunrooms. An operable venting skylight can attach to an existing traditional type of skylight construction as a standalone unit on a roof.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Residential Venting Skylights?

Installing multiple venting residential skylights delivers several benefits for homeowners.

An Increase in the Exposure of Light

One of the most common reasons for installing any type of residential skylight concerns the addition of natural light into a room. Increasing the amount of sunlight that enters your home can be a significant factor in enhancing the ambiance of several rooms. Research studies have demonstrated the positive impact that light has on mood. Installing venting skylights does that and much more by allowing you to illuminate certain areas of your home that present visual appeal.

Welcome the Sounds and Smells of Nature

The rebirth of nature represents the best time of year to take in the diverse smells from all forms of floral. Blooming flowers emit a wide variety of appealing scents that converge inside of a room because a venting skylight has created the space to welcome nature. You might have noticed the commercials promoting apps that present the soothing sounds of nature. Instead of an app, opening a venting skylight allows you and your family to listen to the calming sounds coming from a diverse ecosystem.

Decrease Energy Costs

Installing venting skylights allows you to open each unit to increase the warmth in certain rooms of your house. Instead of turning up the thermostat to remove the cool air that entered your home overnight, simply open your venting skylights to warm up multiple rooms. Even if you leave your venting skylights closed, the sunlight that enters your home warms up even the largest room. In an era of soaring energy costs, venting skylights can take the edge off expensive monthly utility bills.

Reduce Moisture

Without a constant stream of air moving around your home, you might discover areas that develop moisture. This is especially true around doors, hallways, and windows. You also should be concerned about moisture build-up in the attic and basement because excess moisture encourages the development of unhealthy mold and mildew. Venting skylights increase air circulation, which in turn helps keep your house dry. With more air circulation that dries up moisture, you also should experience fewer encounters with pests.

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