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How To Use Siding to Transform Your Interior


When you think of home siding installed by professional siding contractors, you probably picture clean and dry home exteriors. Your mental image might include some nice shingles and shining windows. But did you know that siding can be used for so much more? Specifically, there are many uses for fiberboard siding, including uses on the interior of your home

Fiberboard, also called hardboard or Hardieboard if referring to the brand name, is an engineered wood particle board. The moldable particles are pressed into a durable panel with a wood grain finish stamped on the exterior. This product provides a versatile and durable barrier to your home exterior, but it can also be easily shaped and added to the inside.

Fiberboard Furnishings

Much of the furniture you’ll find from assemble-yourself box stores is made of engineered wood. Usually, this wood is particle board of some sort that is pressed with adhesive and then covered in a more durable and attractive laminate veneer. You can substitute fiberboard siding for many of these uses, and if you ask your siding contractors which is more durable — many will say the siding. 

Consider skirting a bed with a fiberboard surround, building a DIY bar with fiberboard siding exterior, or enclosing a bookcase with prebuilt panels. There are so many ideas – ask your expert siding contractors for advice.

Interior Panelling

You’ve probably seen wood paneling on many houses, but have you ever tried to paint it? Instead, try paneling with an exterior siding. Save on home remodeling costs by having your siding contractors transform your interior flimsy panels with custom colored and durable fiberboard siding. You can create paneling along your vertical walls, or even add panels to the ceiling. The switch in materials can add a great organic feel to your home without the addition of multiple expensive tools and materials – creating an affordable upgrade to your tastes.

Interior Accents

If you just want to add a decorative look, you siding contractors can still help. Consider adding a single accent wall or decorative fiberboard wainscotting. You’ll be surprised at how to transform your interior can look with these simple additions. Add a pop of texture and color to brighten your living room or line the lower wall with durable, spill and dent-resistant materials to get that clean-looking kitchen. You can add a lot or a little depending on your final vision.

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