Questions to Ask Before Installing Commercial Skylights

Questions to Ask Before Installing Commercial Skylights - velux commercial skylights - Mares Dow

Are you wondering if it’s possible to install commercial skylights in your business? There are limitless benefits of commercial skylights, including increased productivity and increased overall health of employees. Many businesses-owners have made the switch to natural lighting.

There are also risks involved with skylights, such as leaking, unwanted temperature changes, and bad installation. Before you decide to invest in skylights, ask yourself these questions to know if your business is a good fit for installing commercial skylights.

What is the shape of your roof?

Leaking is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to deciding to install commercial skylights. This fear can be alleviated if the shape of the business’s roof can accommodate lousy weather. A steeper roof allows for water to flow with ease, while a flat roof can trap water and create buildup around the skylight.

If your roof isn’t a preferred shape, it’s still possible to have skylights. Contractors resolve leaking issues by the addition of a waterproof protective layer and sealing joints thoroughly. These newer technologies have allowed for a no-leaking ten-year guarantee. Be sure to discuss your options with your contractor.

How is your Electric Bill?

Ventilated skylights are also an option to provide extra airflow in the workplace. These skylights open to allow air from the outside to come in. During the summer, natural wind can provide cooling in an office.

During the winter, the skylights absorb extra heat from the sun’s light. The skylight can keep the cold out while allowing natural light to warm up the office. Extra ventilation and sun-exposure can save a considerable number of electric bills.

Are you planning on Reselling?

Skylights add massive value to buildings if you are ever planning on relocating or reselling. One of the top priorities for buyers is access to natural light. Buyers will be excited about saving money on electricity.

They will also be excited about the increase in productivity for their employee’s natural lighting has proven to make employees happier and more productive. The aesthetic value of the workplace will also exponentially increase. Natural lighting makes the workplace look much more beautiful. Investing in skylights is a smart choice if you are thinking about reselling in the future.

Are skylights compatible with the climate where you live?

While skylights are useful for ventilation, they can also have the opposite effect. Newer technologies have allowed for less heat and cold exposure through skylights. However, unwanted winter cold or summer heat due to skylights is still a possibility.

The use of glazing technologies such as heat resistant tints and e-coatings prevent additional summertime heating and wintertime cooling, through the skylight. Talk to your commercial skylight contractors about options if you live in a climate prone to extreme weather.

Skylights are a significant investment, and it can be challenging to know if your business is ready to make the switch. Will adding commercial skylights be a good investment for you? Almost any business is right for skylights if they partner with knowledgeable and adaptable contractors. The benefits of adding skylights to a business are many, and your employees will thank you for the new natural light in the office.

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