How Will Skylight Contractors Make My Home Feel More Spacious?

How Will Skylight Contractors Make My Home Feel More Spacious - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

If you are looking to brighten up your home, installing more windows is not the answer to your illumination needs. Even if windows offer you a picturesque view of a meadow or hilly terrain, how many windows do you need to see the same thing? No, the answer to your illumination needs can be answered by a team of skylight contractors.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Skylights?

Whether you want to install skylights in a bedroom or the living room, completing this popular project delivers several benefits.

First, skylights welcome much more natural light, which significantly brightens up a home. Installing residential skylights immediately boost the ambiance of any room in your home, although skylights do the best job of enhancing the ambiance of your home when you install them in the living room.

Second, properly installed skylights trap heat in winter and cool air during the warmer months of the year. The result is lower energy bills, which helps the monthly budget. Third, skylights installed by properly credentialed contractors can make any room in a home feel more spacious. This is an especially important benefit for homeowners because the illusion of more space often boosts the value of a house.

The question is not do skylights make a home feel more spacious. Instead, the question is how can skylight contractors make your home feel more spacious?

How Skylight Contractors Can Create the Illusion of More Space

Unless you add to your home in the form of another bedroom or a larger garage, you cannot create more physical space. However, you can create the illusion of more space inside your home by installing skylights.

Creating the illusion of more space for your home by installing skylights follows a principle used by painters when they want to create the illusion of space for their paintings. For painters, creating the illusion of space starts by drawing objects in the background first before moving on to drawing objects moving closer to the front of a painting.

For example, a painter draws the tallest mountain peak first before drawing smaller mountains until finally reaching the foothills. In front of the foothills, a painter can include several of nature’s best features like trees, flowers, and water sources. The last step for creating the illusion of more space for a painting involves adding a structure such as a barn at the front of the painting.

Skylight Contractors Paint the Perfect Picture

Since skylights welcome much more sunlight, how do contractors create the illusion of more space by installing the home amenities? The most important factor is positioning. Where the contractors position skylights determine how much additional depth is created for a room. Positioning skylights to allow the maximum amount of sunlight in a room can illuminate different features to create the same illusion of depth as created by an accomplished painter.

For instance, a skylight installed near the edge of a ceiling can shine natural light on a mural hung on a far-away wall. A second skylight installed directly above the center of a room shines natural light on a closer object such as a dining room table. The mural appears to be farther away, which creates the illusion of more space. Where skylight contractors place skylights also determines the illumination received by accent pieces located at different spots in a room.

Another important factor to make a home feel more spacious involves the type of skylights installed, such as deciding between traditional dome and double dome skylights.

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