How to Prevent Fades and Chips in Siding

How to Prevent Fades and Chips in Siding - siding contractors - Mares & Dow

One of the most important ways to increase the value of your home involves hiring an experienced team of siding contractors to install siding that provides you with decades of both aesthetic and functional benefits. Adding the highest grade of siding improves the energy efficiency of your home, as well as allows you to preserve the visual quality of exterior painting projects. For all the benefits delivered by siding, one fact remains the same as it does for many other types of home improvement projects.

The passage of time can reduce the aesthetic and functional appeal of even the highest quality of siding.

You have several options when it comes to the material used to create siding. Regardless of the type of material used to manufacture siding, two common problems can develop to diminish the aesthetic and functional appeal of the exterior feature of your home. Fading and shipping represent common problems for homeowners that want to preserve the quality of a home siding project.

Let’s discover how to prevent fades and chips in siding.

How to Prevent Siding From Fading

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays is the number one reason why even the highest grade of siding fades in color over time. Since you cannot plant and grow trees fast enough to block the sun from shining on your home’s siding, what other options do you have to prevent fading from diminishing the value of your home?

Washing siding with a non-abrasive chemical infused in water can prevent the level of oxidation that initiates the fading process. You also can add a little bit of vinegar to warm water to at least slow down the oxidation process that causes colored siding to fade. When you shop for the right siding to install on your home, choosing a lighter shade of color is an effective strategy for eliminating unsightly fading. Lighter-colored siding conceals fading much better than a darker shade of siding such as a dark blue or gray.

Consulting with an experienced team of home remodeling contractors can help you select the right color for the installation of siding.

How to Prevent Chips in Siding

While the sun takes its time diminishing the aesthetic and functional value of siding, nature delivers a much quicker blow in the form of severe weather. Whether it is a strong summer thunderstorm or a lengthy winter weather event, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on a home by causing the siding to chip in many places.

One of the most effective strategies used to prevent chips from diminishing the quality of siding is to prune tree branches located close to your home to prevent the branches from causing chips and dents. Adding a sturdy awning over at least part of your home can block ice pellets from chipping the siding installed for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

To address the most violent storms that usher in high winds, removing lawn furniture ensures your home’s siding does not get hit with heavy objects blown across your property at extremely high speeds.

If you notice a visual and/or structural problem with siding, act with a sense of urgency by contacting a highly-rated team of residential general contractors. Failing to address siding issues can cost you more money in the long run than taking care of the home improvement issues in the short term.

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