How Skylights Can Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line

How Skylights Can Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

Commercial skylights deliver several benefits for employers that operate out of office buildings. The elegant solution for adding more light to an office space works especially well when installed in overhead spaces where they receive direct sunlight throughout most of the day. Installing skylights requires conducting a cost-benefit analysis in which the benefits far outweigh the costs. One of the benefits, which often does not get the attention it deserves, concerns saving money that improves your business’s bottom line.

In an era when inflation has taken hold of the world economy, saving money to boost the bottom line becomes an even more important management goal. Let’s see how adding skylights helps your company meet its bottom line goal.

Decrease in Energy Consumption

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), commercial and residential lighting sources consume about 10 percent of the electricity used in the country. Installing skylights, which produce more sunlight to warm up an office space, can significantly reduce your company’s energy consumption. The less energy used, the lower your monthly utility bills.

Another benefit of reduced energy consumption is your business leaves behind less of a carbon footprint.

Enhanced Productivity

One of the keys to improving your company’s bottom line involves improving the productivity of your team members. More work completed in less time equals a decrease in labor costs. Adding skylights welcomes in much more natural light to brighten often dull and drab-looking office spaces. Numerous studies have connected exposure to light with improved mood, which for employees means better moods to complete more work in less time.

Morale is the key component to increasing productivity and installing skylights represents the most effective way to improve morale by receiving much more natural light from the sun.

Healthier Workforce

Exposure to plenty of natural light reduces the level of cortisol in the blood. Excessive cortisol typically produces more stress on the body, which can cause symptoms such as bone loss, chronic fatigue, and muscle weakness. Generating more natural light ensures your team members reduce stress, which leads to healthier bodies. A healthier workforce means less money spent on healthcare procedures, which boosts your company’s bottom line.

Installing Velux Sun Tunnel skylights can improve the health of your team members.

Improved Concentration

Enhancing employee productivity is all about getting more done in less time, while improving concentration is all about limiting costly mistakes. With a more pleasant ambiance created by natural light, your team members should improve their concentration to lower the number of mistakes that negatively impact your company’s bottom line. Employees that do a better job of focusing on tasks and projects also get more done in less time.

The Bottom Line

Installing skylights deliver several benefits, but is the capital investment worth producing more natural light in your office building? Yes, you have to make an infrastructure investment that puts a dent in the company budget, but the savings your company enjoys eventually cover the cost of installing skylights. In addition to improving the bottom line by saving money, your company should also benefit from an increase in sales.

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