Choosing Siding Color for Your Home

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You do not get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

It is a saying that has relevance in a wide variety of settings, from nerve-racking job interviews to gut-wrenching first dates. In the housing industry, the saying has to do with making a positive first impression of a home. A visually appealing exterior design coupled with a finely manicured lawn can prompt visitors to your neighborhood to do a double take for a second chance to view an attractive property.

When you think of the curb appeal of your home, you might not think much about siding, but you should. The color of your siding makes a huge difference in establishing curb appeal that pays homage to the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.”

As a team of highly-rated siding contractors, Mares Dow helps homeowners choose the right siding color for their houses. Let’s review a few tips for choosing siding color.

Complement Your Home’s Exterior Design

The type of exterior design for your home is one of, if not the most important factor to consider when considering ways to boost curb appeal. It is simply a matter of understanding what comes first, your house’s exterior design or the color of the siding. Whether your home exudes a Craftsman, Colonial, Victorian, or Mediterranean motif, you want the color of the siding to complement the design, not make a different design statement.

For example, the color of the siding installed for a farmhouse-designed home should be neutral to allow the farmhouse motif to be the most important element of curb appeal.

Stay Within the Neighborhood’s Style

Blending in your neighborhood in terms of exterior design seems counterintuitive when you want your home to “pop” when visitors to the neighborhood pass by your property. However, you can achieve the right balance between presenting a unique design that captures the attention of visitors to the neighborhood and seamlessly blends in with the other homes surrounding your property.

A team of experienced residential general contractors can help you achieve the optimal design balance when choosing siding color for your home.

Current Trends Matter

When home remodeling contractors plan for a project, one of the most important factors for exterior design concerns current trends. When we mention current trends, we are not talking about exterior design ideas that are “Here today, gone tomorrow.” Fleeting trends deliver a poor return on your home improvement investment. Instead, you want the color of your siding to reflect a long-term exterior design trend.

A few of the most common exterior design trends that have staying power include the use of pastels, as well as bold, high-contrast, or monochromatic color schemes.

Refer to Your Home’ Accent Colors

Although complementing the exterior design of your home is important when choosing siding color, you also should consider the color of the accent points. Referring to the color scheme of shutters, window trim, and exposed beams can help you choose a siding color that visually supports important accent features. You also should refer to the color of the pillars, front door, and porch railings.

You can choose a similar color for siding as other home accents, and still make the siding stand out by choosing a different tint or shade. This is an especially helpful tip for brighter colors, such as red and yellow that convey a cheerful exterior ambiance.

The Bottom Line

Although choosing siding color for your home does not represent the most important decision you can expect to make for a remodel, it can be the difference that enhances the visual appeal of your house. Working with a team of experienced siding contractors ensures you select the right color for siding.

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