Benefits of Tunnel Skylights

Benefits of Tunnel Skylights - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

Increasing the amount of sunlight in your home not only enhances the ambiance, but it also boosts the mood of everyone visiting and living in your home. How do you take advantage of the gift called sunlight? Is removing drapes from large windows the most effective way to increase the sun’s presence inside your house?

Hiring a professional team of skylight contractors to install one or more skylights helps you generate more natural light indoors. The question is not whether you should install skylights. Instead, the question is what type of skylights should you have a team of skylight contractors install.

One of the most popular types of skylights is called a sun tunnel skylight.

What is a Tunnel Skylight?

Standard skylights mount onto the roof to increase the amount of sunlight flowing into a home. However, a standard skylight increases the amount of sunlight in rooms located directly below. As a type of tubular skylight, sun tunnel skylights also mount on the roof, but the tubular structure of the skylight extends through a loft or attic into a living space. For example, a home office located in a living space without any windows benefits greatly from the mounting of a sun tunnel skylight.

In addition to sending sunlight directly into a dark living space, tunnel skylights offer several other benefits.

Mounting Flexibility

You can mount a sun tunnel skylight just about anywhere on the roof to increase the amount of natural light in a windowless living space. Sun tunnel skylights allow you to brighten up a living space that a standard skylight cannot illuminate with natural light. If you want to increase natural light for a closet, bathroom, or laundry room, mounting a sun tunnel skylight represents your best option to achieve your goal.

Mounting flexibility also applies to the two types of sun tunnel skylights. Rigid sun tunnels work best for roof-to-room setups where there are not any obstructions. A flexible sun tunnel allows you to work around obstructions to generate natural light where you need it the most.

Easier Installation

A sun tunnel is typically easier to mount on a roof than other types of residential skylights. Because of the smaller size and tubular design, you do not require as much space on the roof to install a sun tunnel. Because you cannot open a sun tunnel to improve air circulation, you free up more space on the roof for perhaps the installation of another sun tunnel or a different model of a skylight.

Installing a sun tunnel to go through multiple floors can be more expensive and complicated. However, hiring an experienced team of skylight contractors can complete the project quickly and within the home improvement budget.

Energy Efficient

Illuminating darker living spaces with artificial light can quickly increase the monthly electric bill. By mounting one or more sun tunnels, you direct natural light into tough-to-illuminate living spaces without the monthly budget taking a hit. Adding more natural light into your home also decreases the demand for the home heating and cooling system. Manufacturers design sun tunnels to minimize the loss of heat in winter and cool air during the warmer months of the year.

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