Are Commercial Skylights Covered By Property Insurance After a Big Storm?

Are Commercial Skylights Covered By Property Insurance After a Big Storm - commercial skylights - Mares & Dow

Wild weather has defined the start of 2023, from record snow levels in the California mountains to tornadic storms in the deep south to a nor’easter plaguing New England. Commercial property insurance can protect your assets against the damage caused by the wrath of Mother Nature. However, one question deserves an answer for commercial property owners.

Are commercial skylights covered by property insurance after a big storm? The answer in most cases is it depends on the type of coverage you have purchased for your business.

Business property insurance policies should always include a clause that describes in detail how a business can recover the financial losses generated by roof damage. Commercial skylights represent the showcase component of a roof and in most cases, business property insurance covers the cost of replacing damaged commercial skylights or repairing the leaks that have developed around one or more structurally compromised commercial skylights.

You installed commercial skylights to reap the many benefits associated with the property enhancements. Commercial skylights such as Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights invite much more natural sunlight into a room, which brightens the mood of the employees working in the room. Improved mood often translates into higher productivity rates. Commercial skylights also enhance the visual appeal of a business, which typically increases the value of the property. Finally, installing commercial skylights reduces energy bills by trapping heat in winter and preventing heat from entering a building during the warmer months of the year.

How Does Your Business Property Insurance Address Roof Leaks

Because of the potential for storms to cause roof leaks, your business property insurance policy should include a clause that specifically addresses the damage inflicted on commercial skylights. The key to determining whether your policy pays for roof repairs involves determining the cause of the damage. The most common types of extreme weather that damage roofs include hail, strong winds, and the development of ice jams. Every business insurance policy contains a section declaring the hazards that the policy covers.

Although your business property insurance policy should cover the most common types of extreme weather that impact your area of the country, you also should consider covering the more infrequent weather events. For example, many businesses in Texas did not insure their properties against ice and snow damage, which became a major financial distress issue after the polar vortex unleashed its destruction in February 2021.

What Are the Signs of Weather-Related Commercial Skylight Damage?

Identifying the signs of weather-related commercial skylight damage is an important item on your list of maintenance tasks.


The strong impacts inflicted by hail and flying debris can cause cracks to form on commercial skylights, as well as the sealing agents used to secure the skylights on a roof. One of the first signs of a structurally compromised commercial skylight is the development of visible cracks.

Wind Drafts

Perhaps you cannot see the cracks that develop as the result of a big storm. However, you might be able to feel wind drafts, especially if the temperature of the drafts is in stark contrast to the temperature in the space where the commercial skylights provide natural sunlight.


Skylight condensation forms when warm, humid air rises to the ceiling to interact with colder air filtering in from outdoors. The result can be signs of discoloration or even the discovery of one or more areas where a commercial skylight leaks.

The Bottom Line: Know What Your Policy Covers

Before the start of the severe weather season that defines your area, review your business property insurance policy to determine whether skylights receive coverage in the event of a severe weather outbreak. For example, if you operate a business in Buffalo, New York, ensure your business property insurance policy covers the roof damage inflicted by blizzards.

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